Bee Pollen?

I’ve heard that alot of sprinters use bee pollen supplements? Has anyone has any experience with these? It seems it could be alot of hype.

I remember a guy coming up to Ben with a bottle of that stuff saying “Here, this is for you” Ben said thanks and threw it in the trunk of his car and forgot all about it.
After his next indoor WR, this guy gets in the paper going: "I gave BJ Bee Polen. now I’m not saying that’s the reason but you can’t discount it!! "and on and on. Typical BS

hahaha - yea there seems to be a lot of hype around it, and it does contain some good nutrients but none of these nutrients are exclusive to bee pollen…

Bee Pollen is supposed to help with allergies- BUT only if it’s from the same area you live in.

I’ve also read it can cause severe allergic reactions including asphyxia??!!?!

I suppose it’s possible but the exposure level is so small it would be unlikely. that’s why it was sometimes used sort of like the allergy shots people used to get. (I haven’t heard of that in a long time. do they still do that?)