Beast to Monster

Here are our goals…

Last year start 15th at states, this year two golds on bronze one silver (relay all-american)

This year process goals…

185-285 in the bench for 5 reps

Squat 245-325

Bodyweight 160 age 16 swimmer

VJ 28-36 inches

23 pull-ups to 50…

All schoolastic to state record-holder in the 50y freestyle

we start Monday in the weight room!

Looking forward to this…
Some of my stats and goals are similar, though different sport.

50 Pullups… Wow

are you trying to maintain 160lbs bodyweight or is it the goal to increase his weight to 160?

I would urge you, Clemson, to continue to post training info on how you prepare this 50 yard freestyler. As a swimmer, I’d be fascinated to read about it. God bless.

Rlab will go over each microcycle…audioblog post!

This is really cool. Awesome upper body strength. Any dead lift goals?

dude, i got a new one. how about from machine to assassin? i can see it now.

50 pullups in a row without stopping?

no stopping quick…


Lower extremity lifting today with plyometric training…feeding the nervous system what it needs.

We are trying to feed the second part of the kick…5% strength per week on the deadlifts and we are doing plyos with boxes with various trajectory angles and doing them during the “gpp”. The volumes are moderate and we are doing a lot of glute activation work with the short bands to get the medial connectivity. The challange is to get a kid that is 16 and 160 pounds to bench 285 under heavy water workloads. I like his T-bar rows and his dips are impressive.

Is there still going to be an article on RL. I’m interested in you expanding on some of this…such as what is a moderate volume of box jumps, how are you using the bands, etc.

I am posting what we are doing with the danger room update…listen and learn…

Thanks Clemson. I’ll be watching your postings.

What about “suplementation” ?


What do you mean…a list of supplements like fish oil? The quotes look shadey… :frowning:

Well, something that maybe you are taking,
Protein, aminos, carb´s, creatine, L-glutamine, ZMA, anti-inflamatories, etc…
BTW, what means word: Shadey ?

Supplements and list (Total Choices)

Clemson Cocktails:

(1) Immune Support Cocktail -Morning
(2) Preworkout Power Shot - Pre lifting/speed
(3) Neuropeptide support formula (during training)
(4) Postworkout “Clemson Cocktail” (postworkout)
(5) Anti-catabolic formula (2-3 times per day
(6) Joint Repair Formula Cycled 3 times per week
(7) Blood Booster Cocktail (evening after dinner)
(8) Restoration Caps (Nap caps)

EFA’s Udos Blend
Sears Labs Fish Oil

HPF 1 step

and of course clean food…

what’s the bill for all that?

Yeah !!! I´m very curious too !
But what matters is that it is working well right.