Be Kind to Canadians!

It’s always so cute when Canada hosts an Olympics. Canadians try so hard. This comes from living next to America and having an inferiority complex worse than…

This guy is an idiot. I’m sure his intention was to get a rise out of Canadians, and I suppose he’s succeeded, at least with me. So for that, nice job. Kind of like saying all Californians surf and say, “dude” every time they speak. Anyways, I’ve wasted enough time on this.

I think it was supposed to be a joke. But it does come across as rather arrogant.

BTW, are you telling me that all Californians don’t surf and say “dude” every time they speak? Maybe the one you met was only visiting…

I think he’s a hater who is trying to be crafty. He is correct about a “double-double” from Timmy Ho’s (not Tim’s) being two creams and two sugars. Besides that, he’s invented–and not very well–all the rest.

That was pretty damn funny actually, except for the inferiority complex. We generally consider ourselves superior to americans, and I’m sure americans share similar viewpoints about their own superiority.