BCAA's and Amino Acids

Anybody have experience with these? I was thinking of taking some BCAA’s post workout.

During Workout

How bout pre-workout?

Yes - in some cases, but as a general rule during IMO.

Incidently - CP has talked previously about 20grms of Glutamine pre WO for a mentall boost

I’ve found glutamine pre-workout very useful from a recovery stand point.

CP - rec’s .44g/kg BCAA during training. His guys have specifically rec’d MRM BCAA+G to me as a product. ICE would work also. I haven’t tasted ICE, but the MRM product is definitely palatable, given how bad BCAA’s taste. I would use it always if I could afford the efficacious doses.


I love ICE - love the kick it has.

So, are BCAA’s most effective when taken pre and during workout? What i’m getting at is should they only be taken before and during workouts or should they also be taken on days inbetween training also? What is the most effective timing of BCAA supplementation?

is this something that should be done year round or just when training intensity is at its highest?

during workout only and 3/4 of the year or more…check out the ebook forum review…great product.