BCAA vs Whey PROs w/BCAA

Two questions:

(1) What are the pros and cons with taking straight BCAA compared to taking a complete whey protein with BCAA in it?

(2) With all the different whey pros out there, what criteria must a brand measure up to before you purchase it?


The difference is the digestion time. Free form aminos need no digestion, just absorption. So in return, you will have no issues with food in the digestive tract competing with the musculature for fluid, blood, and energy. You can also dictate the specific ratio of amino acids as well. This is key because you can create such a dynamic result. Clemson has been working on this for quite a bit and the resultant article is very impressive at the least.

But to make it short and sweet the benefits are:

  1. quick absorption means fast availability
  2. no gastric distress / competition
  3. you can dictate the specific amino acids and ratio

Now you need to pay attention to the research here as well. Regarding mixtures of BCAA / EAA, maximal ANABOLIC benefit tops out at 25grams. Now this does not mean that the benefits stop at 25g, just that the muscular levels of transcription are not any greater at 40, 50 or 100g. You can however attack other situation such as preventing fatigue or catabolism. Combining the bcaa with a protein will alter things a bit, especially during training as you will still potentially get into the same situation as above. Also, it is the RISE in blood levels not necessarily the absolute level that is important in the anabolic response. Because free form aminos can enter the system much quicker, you would also expect a higher level of protein transcription. Obviously there are limits and more benefitial times of application.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Good stuff Zepplein, Thanks

Oh, which article(s) should I refer to for the long and sour as oppose to the short and sweet?

Thanks again

go to avant labs for a slice of the article Brain Drain…I am tired.

I searched Avant Labs and was unsuccessfull. I don’t know, maybe I overlooked it or something. Anyways, would you be able to send me the link?


It’s there if you look. The gist of it is don’t drink carbs during speed, power, or max strength session. Use BCAAs.

Cant find it either, link anyone?

Why is everyone a poor historian? Can’t anyone see I am just Doubting Thomas with what Charlie did twenty years ago? Just read the stuff he wrote…and try. Yes lablounge guys will get the article very soon as well as elitefts.com and xcell.

We have saturated the myofibrils for two hours with the B.O.S.S formula at with what Zepplin and I cooked up. I hope CC and friends at trainright.com will enjoy the LA formula.

I am new to the board, but do you have a background in biochemistry. How did you get into supplements?


What the hell are u talking about iv read everything Charlie wrote, i wanted to read YOUR article.

Forgive me for not following u blindley and wanting to do a little further research.

I will not ask for an article link again clearly i have sinned :confused:

If you’ve been reading the board for awhile in all the Pre/During/Post workout shake thread discussions charlie has said that he used Musashi BCAA’s pre and during with a recovery formula shake 30 minutes post workout. I’d take the BCAA’s, but they taste like crap and are too expensive. If you limit your workouts to 60 minutes or less I think you can get by using your Post WO drink before and during the session.

Thanks narked…yeh iv been here for quite a while just dont post much.

I already use ICE dureing my workouts and they seem to work well, i was just intrested in a little more detail and the science behind it.

Also i just like to read stuff :slight_smile: