bball training

hey i wanna design a program i can do for basketball…like go and practice by my self…should it be different everyday? or should i do the same thing everyday? should i work on each aspect of the game everyday? or like work on everything but each day focus on one the the most but also focus hard on weaknesses? anyone with some tips and suggestions on this topic about designing a program for bball

I wouldn’t do the same thing everyday, that’s a recipe for overtraining. I would have 3 high intensity, speed and quickness days and 3 tempo days. I’d lift weights after my speed days.

im talking basketball drills to improve my game not weight lifting

That’s precisely what I’m talking about. Maybe something like this:

Mon: Speed & quickness, weights
Tues: Tempo
Wed: Agility & quickness, plyometrics
Thurs: Tempo
Fri: Agility & jump training, weights
Sat: Tempo
Sun: Off

if this is for the summer then you should have at least two training sessions per day.

there are so many ways you could split this up. you could do a morning session that includes speed or agility w/ weights and an afternoon or night session that focuses on handling and shooting. obviously alternate high cns/low cns days for the morning sesssion and do the afternoon sessions everyday. you don’t need to too much direct jumping/plyometric work since you do so much of it just playing ball.

no im not on summer vacation yet, but i will get to that when it come sup. thanks though. i dont get this tempo stuff and low high cns stuff

what is tempo?

would it be ok if i picked drills everyday workin on every aspect of my game, then once i get stronger on one drill ill replace it, then right after bball practice i go workout if i have a workout day? man im confuseeeddd

what does you schedule look like?

Kobe - you are making everything WAY too hard
Tempo is any interval (periods of work followed by periods of rest) training. In YOUR case - basketball skill drills.

On a related note - You obviously don’t do a good amount of reading the vast amounts of information availible to you. As a result you keep asking the same questions over and over and wasting the forum’s time. If you want results, READ first - ask later. If you are REALLLY confused and DYING to know an answer or be pointed in the right direction,

sorry i still dont understand tempo…?

my schedule will look something like this:

monday-Basketball Drills then upper body weight training
tuesday-conditioning,and basketball drills for my game again
wednesday-same as tuesday except with sprints added
thursday-bball drills then repetition upper body
friday-same as tues
saturday-basketball drills then lower body

now i have no idea if thatll overtrain me or not…but the weightlifting is put in there from defrancos westside for skinny bastards program

Tempo is conditioning. It is running at a relaxed pace. It helps you get in better shape and makes you recover faster. Go to a soccer field and try this for a tempo workout.

Run the length of the field in 18-19 seconds. Then walk for 30 seconds. Then run another length in 18-19 seconds. Then walk for 30 seconds… Do about 15 runs. Take a longer break between runs if needed.


Post what you plan on doing for your conditioning.

basketball is an explosive power sport that requires very good cardiovascular/general fitness abilities. So basically play, shoot, dribbling drills, lift, and fitness circuits.

see the thing with me is i know what drills to do and know what kinda weight training i should do i just dont know how to organize it well…like today im just doing drills for handling and shooting and etc. (just picked out some drills and gonna do em) is that organized? does it matter? like should i do agility drills for bball along with specific drills for each aspect of my game? i just dont know how to organize everything and put it together.

for conditioning i just plan on doing sprint intervals on my off days with tempo running after and some suicide drills along with bball drills and such…and again ill say it, i just dont know how to fit everything in, and does everything have to be organized, like is it ok to write down what ur gonna do in a notebook every day before u go workout or play ball or do u have to set up a monthly plan or something

cuz look u guys are saying improve agility, quickness, ball handling, shooting, weight lifting, conditioning

should i make a program for each of these and put it all together or what? i have no idea how to design a shooting program for basketball, do i just pick out drills for shooting and do em everyday and thats considered a program or do the drills have to be different everyday, is making a shooting program the same as weight lifting program. man im putting so much pressure on my self i can tthink straight anymore lol theres so many things going on my mind

Buy “Training for speed” by Charlie Francis and read it many times…

Then you will realize that “sprint intervals” with short recoveries and suicide drills are absolutely pointless when it comes to speed improvements.

i would work your training elements in the following order
technique, speed, strength, endurance

hope you can built on that!

Well charlie has commented on basketball before. Train for speed and limit strength and good aerobic endurance(general fitness circuits, tempo).

This might be hijackage but I was wondering:

What do the ballers on this forum think about the advantages/disadvantages of HI skill work/SPP vs. HI non-SPP + LI skill work done.

i.e. does anyone think that they should do HI SPP on every HI day (doing explosive moves with the ball, HI jump shots, sprints with the ball) or simply more of general HI work (sprints, agility drills, plyos) all without a ball? They would still do LI skill work on both HI days and LI days.

Doing HI skill work will improve your skill with the ball at high speeds/rates but your General Physical Preparedness might not come out as good. (you obviously are going to sprint faster on a track, in spikes, with the heat warming you up then you can while sprinting while dribbling a ball on the court)

Doing non-SPP HI work will improve your GPP moreso than HI SPP would. But the question is, by doing the skill work MAINLY through LI means, will this lead to a technical preparedness insufficiency in Sport Form? From experience, I am starting to ponder the cost/reward curve of this.

What are everyone’s experiences with this? Any other skill sport (soccer, lacrosse, hockey) athlete/coach feel free to chime in.