Baylor football

Head coach just got fired…

What’s the story there?

Coaches get fired constantly.

After Charlie lost his job in Canada I told him I would move anywhere so he could work. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted to stay in his house, in his city, where he wanted and not let anyone kick him out.

Coaching is a tough career and it can be volatile as a profession and stressful.

Do you know anything about this coach specifically? Football has lots of extra testosterone too so I am sure that gets factored into the equation.

OH. Well I guess this falls into the heading of win at any cost?

These US college head football coaches get paid more than the presidents of the universities. Fottball is more important than education in most schools. Im sure he probably made a few million…I doubt money will be his issue.

  1. The coach didnt commit any assaults
  2. Its not the coach’s fault that one of his athletes did.
  3. Are you supposed to kick a guy out of school and off a team on an allegation? or wait til the court hears the case? i think the latter.

This is reactionary from what I see. It’s getting worse. All someone has to do to get a man fired now is blame them for anything.

they kick them off pending legal issues then offer to bring them back if cleared. kinda stupid