Battle of the Game Consoles

For those who like to play games, which console do you like best?

i like all the consoles but the x-box is my favorite, ps2 comes in close behind however

as my friends and I age they like to tell me it is becuase they are getting older that they are fat, I remind them that in reality it’s the beer and Halo 2 we are only 24 after all :smiley:

I like the xbox aswell, but what I’d like to see is another Goldeneye (N64) game. I mean a 1st person shooter up at that level. I’ve played a few 1st person shooters on the xbox but none seem THAT good. Any suggestions?

The only first person shooter you should be playing is Half-Life2 (For PC). Its fast, its big and it comes with Counter Strike Source (i played for 5 hours straight and asked “where did the time go?”). As for XBOX and first persons, Ghost Recon 1-2 are good titles, Grand Theft Auto is another good “second person” which has alot of action if you follow the story line. GameCube has Metroid Prime which is pretty decent.

Golden Eye was good. But it ain’t HL2.

Timesplitters was fun, nothing special, but good mindless shooting.

The story mode is really only to give you a way to unlock more stuff and the graphcs aren’t great but for mindless fun its worth a shot.

I’m old school! I still have my first console and still play on it from time to time. It was the machine of machines back in the days… the Sega Master System. California Games, Shinobi,Out Run,After Burner, Altered Beast, Chase HQ…the list is endless…I seriously believe that this was when gaming was at its prime! Addictive and fun… I moved onto its big brother (16 bit Mega Drive) and was wowed by games like Strider, Revenge of Shinobi, E-Swat etc… :smiley:
Even my SNES gets dusted off and now and again to play games such as Street Fighter 2: World Warrior, Zelda, and the classic of classics…Super Mario Kart!!

I’m currently in the process of buying a Neo Geo…one machine that eluded me in my teens due the astronomical price of games!! :eek:

Anyone for a Street Fighter challenge? Step up…if you’re hard enough…
SHO RYU-KEN !! :smiley:

Neo Geo is a great platform. Check ebay, the place is overloaded with vintage systems.

Deviating a little from game consoles, what kind of online games do you like to play? I’m a big fan of the Half-Life Mods (like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, etc.)

I have to stick wih PS2, just too many solid games on the console.

Just recently, Athens 2004 a fun track and field button masher and if you can’t run 44. in real life you can do it in the game

Grande theft auto San Andreas: amazing game

Have to stick with PS2

All my old school cats will know about Daley Thompson’s Decatholon on the Spectrum/Commodore and Hyper Sports/Track and Field!! Sweet memories!! :smiley:

I broke many a joystick on these games!!

Here is the new Sony PSP due to hit our shores in March '05, or now if you are lucky enough to live in Japan.

It has 2 mips processors and can display video at 16:9 for a true mobile cinema experience. I expect this to be a smash hit for Sony. This is as new school as it gets. (Note: Apparantly the first batch of the PSP’s are flawed : burnt pixels, flimsy drive door) : Note to Sony that they should get these issues addressed before getting the PSP out in North America).

What do the gamers expect from the Sony PSP? I held my cash until the North American version comes out.


I haven’t read too much about it, but I expect it to be a nice addition to my gaming hardware. From what I’ve read about Nintendo’s DS, it’s not too user friendly so Sony might be taking over the mobile gaming market with the PSP.

For the PSP to succeed it will have some steep challenges (like its cost, right now its going for $4-800.00 dollars for the potentially flawed Japanese version).

As for gaming, i immediately lost interest in the PSP when i put “Call of Duty- Finest Hour” in my xbox. I almost forgot about this series, its really, really good. Be sure to check it out.