Batman or Spiderman why?

I’m curious to know who people prefer… Batman or Spiderman? Please give your reasons why. :slight_smile:

Batman. Smarter, darker, better looking, tougher, and he is best friends with Superman.

Batman bc Spiderman’s a wise ass. No wait minute I like that.

Both. Both are very smart.

I prefer Superman bc he’s the real athlete. The fastest and strongest and most explosive. Hell he leaps mountains in a single bound. :wink:

How come no poll?

Spiderman, because he doesn’t need a pansy sidekick.

I believe Venom was his sidekick a couple of times and I don’t consider Venom a pansy! :stuck_out_tongue:

superman is joke…they threw every superpower at him…no superhero should have that many powers…its like cheating…cmon…exray vision flying super strength AND invincability??? cmon thats ridiculous!!

batman is a real man…lol

personally i like wolverine…that dude has some attitude

Pft. screw all that junk. Frank Castle is the greatest man. He’ll drill your ears in with a jackhammer or shred your face with a wood-chipper. Maximum brutality = Ultimate hero.

When i was a kid, Superman was my favourite ( i used to run with a diaper on my neck thinking that i was flying like Superman…
but between Bat and Spider
Spiderman, definitely !!
He is 10.000 times faster than Batman,
and you know, it´s all about speed.

Batman - Cool

Spiderman - Geek

But Spiderman has cooler enemies (Sandman, Kraven, Carnage) and he whupped Firestorm’ sass, that was cool!

Batman!..He’s a real man without any special powers, but alot of neat toys.

Spiderman for me.

I’m the dorky, geeky smart arse type - why I ran. Can’t beat the crap out someone if they are out of reach :slight_smile: