Batman Begins

All I can say that this was an awesome movie. Better than the first Michael Keaton Batman, and that was also a good one.

Also what do you guys think about how Christian Bale had to gain a lot of muscle for the role of Batman after playing a person barely weighing 120 pounds in his previous movie “The Machinist”

Ill have to check it out.
I didnt even know it was the same actor from the “Machinist”. BTW I thought the Machist wasn’t a very good movie. It seems like every psycological thriller has the same little twist nowadays. Sorry to jack the thread. Just wanted to add a little side comment. Good to know Batman was good though.

I just watched it last night. It was great. It didn’t have the comic book feel like the others did, or the comic book acting. It was closer to how it might actually be.

I read a bad review about it, but the guy was way off…it is a gooder for sure.

i just saw it today, awesome movie