Basketball Training

I’m 15, going to be a sophmore next year, am currently training to get bigger/stronger/quicker.

I’m 6ft, 145lbs, real lean, working to put on some weight.

Following a 4 day split : Mon - ME Bench.COD Agility Work, Wednesday : ME Squat(might complex with some plyos), Friday - Regular Bench Day, Sun - Accel work, DE Squat

tuesday, june 28th

ME Lower

13" Box Squats, close stance : 95x5. 105x5. 115x5. 125x5. 135x5. 145x5. 155x5. TV = 4375

DB Step Ups : 3 sets of 40x8

Hyper Extensions - 4 sets of 10x25lb plate

Various Grip Timed Set Junk

Have video of my 155x5 box squat, on step ups do you leave the working foot on the box at all times or take it off and put back on? Good workout. I am still putting my agility/sprint/accel work together, I’ll start that next week.

155x5 box squat

June 29th, Repetition Upper Day

Decline Bench Press - 3 sets of 95x10

Lat/Upper Back Superset
1.Bent over BB Rows - 3x75x10
2.Seated Face Pulls

Bicep/Tricep Superset

  1. DB Curls - 3 sets of 25x8
  2. BB Tricep Extensions - 3 sets of 45x8


Another good workout, bb tricep extensions felt easy, maybe i used to put some more weight on. Decline bench was great, felt real smooth.

DOMS is hitting my legs hard, my hamstrings are killing me, I’m going to up my Vit. C intake and see if that will help any.

Do you take cold showers or contrast showers after you workout? How soon after you workout do you get carbs and protein into your system? Are you staying hydrated? I have found that those 3 things (and mostly the post workout meal) effect DOMS. You should PM Clemson and see if he will forward you a copy of his article PhD regeneration.

yes, always take contrast shower night of the workout, protein comes in like 5 minutes after i lift, carbs will be from 5-10 mins, however long i drink the gatorade. I may not be staying hydrated enough, probably need to start drinking more water.

Drop the gatorade. It is hypertonic…meaning it pulls H2O out of the cells before they can pull it back in. Search the site for post workout drink suggestions.

i might just got with some maltodextrin and protein

herb, do you recommend any specific protein blends, or do you think plan ole whey gets the job done? different blends such as post workout, before bed, etc.

friday, july 1st

DE lower

13" Speed Box Squats - 8 sets of 80x2 + light band

Walking Lunges - 3x8(each leg) 30lb db’s

GHR’s - 3x10

Nice quick workout. Had 2 basketball games last night so I didn’t want to go overboard today.

tonight i went up to the track and did some form drills for sprinting, got in some 10’s, 20’s 40’s, nothing real intense, wanted to find an rough 40 time, right around 4.9 is where i’m at

i have trouble shifting gears from acceleration, shorter steps, to my all out sprinting with good form, need work, this is first time i’ve really truly sprinted with good form

Sunday, July 3

ME Bench/Energy system training (change of direction focus)

Close Grip Bench Press - 45x8, 65x8, 75x5, 85x5, 90x5, 95x5, 100x5, 105x4(missed 5th) stuck about 3-4 board range

Incline DB Press - 3x35x8

Upper Back Superset
1.Bent over DB Rows
2.DB Rear Delt Raises

Tonight I plan to do:

Change of Direction Drills

20-yard pro-agility shuttle — 3 reps starting to the left, 3 reps starting to your right. Rest 30 seconds between reps.
3-cone drill — 5 reps, rest 1 minute between reps.
Illinois drill — 3 reps (The goal is to complete all 3 reps in under 15 seconds. Rest 2 min. between sets.)

Good workout, weights keep going up. Been feeling real good. Going to start getting serious about my core training, I remember reading a good article like 21st century core training over at t-mag. Going to look for that again and start really training the core the right way.

got to squatting today and couldn’t stand the pain my lowre bakc was giving me so i held off, must of did sometihng to it.

Tuesday, July 5

Trap Bar Deadlift - worked up to 225x5

Bulgarian Split Squats - 3 sets of 40-45x8

Back Extensions - 3 sets of 25x10

Core Work

I have trouble keeping balance doing bulgarian split squats with my right leg, I can do them much easier with my left leg, must be some kind of coordination thing I need to work on.

nah, your right leg is just week. give it time, either it will get better or it wont, but it ain’t anything to worry about

alright thanks joe

tuesday, july 12th

pro agility - 3 right, 3 left
pro agility shuffle - 3 right, 3 left
cone shuffle - 3

ME Upper

Bench Press - 2 sets of 95x8(75%)
Push Press - worked up to 90x4, 95x3
Seated Power Cleans / Seated Rows
Bicep/Tricep Beach Work
Ab Circuit

Hoops what’s your maxium bench press lift.

I think we are both the same weight, but your alittle bit taller.

am 5"11

or whats your 75% lift.


my max bench is around 130-135

yeah, i’ve got you a little bit in height, im 6’ - 6’1"

what kind of training are you doing, i’ll have to start checking out your journal

oh am training for athletics, mainly 100m, 200m, 400m.

But i was a very keen basketball player, in college and school. I can hang onto a full sized basketball rim, from a standing position jump.

So i think am made, and have the equipment to do long jump, and triple jump. I was always rebounding, off the ground with powerfull fury.

If you take a look at my journal now, the training aspect you won’t really learn anything from it.

Am into the describing of my training, and reporting telling a story of the session. Instead of a whole load of numbers.

I have just started weight training, am am very curious, and it has stimulated me.

I liek to know what other people, can do, especially people my wieght like you. Power to weight ratio is everthing.

130pounds, is your max. I will have to figure that out in kgs, because thats what scale i use.

then i will try to do it, on friday. huh

I want to slam in a basketball match, befor the end of the year.

Even though i have left college, i will return to the basketball next year. I will sneak in a play.

its too bad, because we where getting entered into the national league in september.

I like who’s got game, that style of the game suits me. I like it intense, and exsplosiveness.

Instead of tempo last year, as i look back. I use to play basketball, and i think this is better for a sprinter.

Because all the movements are exsplosive, and power movements.

Plus you work on your cardio, so i think this helped me recovery inbetween sets in sprint training.

thank you

135 pounds = 61.2349699 kilograms
More about calculator.

i already bench 60kgs, sets of 5, and 5reps per set.