Basketball training (help out plz)

Current stats…

Wieght-164 (lean muscle)
40 run-4.78

Goals are…

Become faster, Better endurance, Higher vertical, More powerful, and improve my game.

Things I have to do…

Monday and Wednesdays I got soccer practice for a hour. All the other days I got free.

I need help on building a workout routine to get the goals I want. Heres what I got so far in building the routine…

Monday- Soccer practice/play basketball
Tuesday- play basketball
Wednesday- soccer practice/1-3 mile jog
Thursday- play basketball
Friday- Leg training
Saturday- Upperbody training
Sunday- Upperbody training

Friday-leg training

Front squats(ass to grass)- 3x4
Dead lifts- 3x4
Cleans- 3x4

Saturday- upperbody training

Bench press- 8,6,4,2
Incline press- 8,6,4
Decline press- 8,6,4

Sunday- upperbody training

Wieghted pull ups- 10,8,6,4
Shrugs- 15,12,10,8
Rows- 8,6,4
Concentraitions- 8,6,4
Crunches- 15,12,10,8
Twist crunches- 15,12,10

Plz critique my routine

You might want to consider setting up a GPP type program for the off season up until your main season starts(whatever sport you focus on the most) and go into a maitenance program during that peroid. I suggest using the search command and looking up some threads of GPP and basketball training.