basketball shooting

ok i shoot my shot above my head alright, u know how ur arm has to be 90 degrees, mine isnt, my shot pocket is higher, but i still feel comfortable with my shot and it still goes in, u think i should take it to 90 degrees or just leave it as im comfortable? (the ball is like on top of my head when i shoot but its not touching my head) would u change or keep ur shot?

I don’t think a shot that goes in necessarily needs to be pretty or even normal looking. Your shot is fine.

When I was in high school in the late 60’s I had a great shot from what would eventually be 3 point territory. The only way I could shoot from out there (since the 2 hand set shot was no longer used) was to pull the ball to the top of head and bend my arm past 90 degrees. I also could shoot the other way with closer to the bucket shots and foul shots. But, I could use my top-of-the-head shot inside the 3 pt. line when a taller defender was close to me. Very tough shot to block. When I was older in university and stronger I could win alot of shot contests with basketball friends because I could easily sink from what is now the NBA 3 pt. line and more.

So, the lesson is Kobe to learn to shoot all different ways because that’s what you will need in a game. Ideally, you always want to square up to the bucket but that can’t always happen, so learn every shot by practicing endlessly. Jumpers, fade aways, off balance, on the run etc. etc. (just no stupid shit). Regardless of the shot the hand and wrist must be turned to face the bucket.

thanks for the replies, appreciate it.

my shot is just like over top of my head, elbow straight, but not behind my head, im very comfortable with it and im a high percentage shooter but ill practice on shooting the other ways too