Basketball Endurance

My coach is a big fan of suicides. I have heard from my trainer that these are not necessarily the way to get better endurance. He said I need to do something called tempo, and to work on pure speed and strength instead of doing things like suicides. Is that really the case?

I am in this doubt too… I belive that they have a purpose, but small…

I was thinking (and just wait it gets better), in the movie Coach Carter makes his athletes do 1000 suicides. “At first, no surprise, Carter’s up against the old guard thinking: a couple of (very tall) team members quit, the others aren’t immediately convinced that he’s serious when he demands they do 500 push-ups at a time or run 1000 suicides (those runs up and down the gym, sneakers squeaking on every turn).”

I thought about it and here is my take.

After about 50-100 of these at a quick pace, any athlete is bound to slow right down to an aerobic pace. A basketball court is 28m in length. 28m x 1000 = 28000m (28k). This would take a world class athlete about 1.5 hours to complete. These kids could probably do it in (I am guessing), 2.5 hours or less. The point here is that if it took them that long, it was definitely not lactic work, but aerobic. Ya, that is all. Not lactic work, but aerobic…purely aerobic.