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Any basketball coaches on the forum please explain to me what is a “wing transition jumper”?


I think I have an idea, but “better to be thought a fool than open one’s mouth and erase all doubt” :slight_smile:

I’ll ask our coach later today!

Most likely, a “wing transition jumper” refers to a play where, on a fast break, a wing player will take a jumpshot from either the right or left wing. Due to the defense being forced to stay back and guard the basket in a fastbreak, the wing is almsot always very open this. Most coaches would call it a “good” shot. Similar to a point guard pulling up at the free throw line on a break a la “the point guard’s layup.”

That sounds pretty good. You see that a lot on fast break, when the defence is caught short they sometimes defend the goal rather than the man so they retreat into the paint and leave the wingmen (positioned at the freethrow line extended) to have an unpressured opportunity for a jshot

I have some different shooting workouts and one of the shoots call for a “wing transition jumper”.

I would guess for the shooting workout, you could have the players line up at halfcourt, either right or the left side. then either have them dribble up to the wing and pull up or have them pass the ball to you as you stand at the free throw line, and then, after the pass, have them run toweards the wing, where they can catch and shoot. (to work the shot from the dribble and off the catch)

kool, i have them start at the wing - backpedal - sprint forwards and catch pass - shoot.