Hey ,
Basketball season starts in a month and I am getting more and more nervous about losing strength and muscle as the season approaches. Last year I overtrained like crazy, felt like shit all the time, played like shit, and my conditioning was very bad. This was all very disconcerting, but after the season I went on DeFranco’s WSB4SB.

I am not worried about upper body strength, but after playing in summer league’s this summer, I found it hard to even get in one max-effort lower body workout a week without my legs and back feeling like complete shit. I know this question is a little vague, but I am wondering if you have any tips for maximum effort lifting during the season, as well as nutrition in-season. I am just coming off a low carb diet and im a bit confused. Im also a type 1 diabetic. Any input is appreciated coach.

Box Squat-265x3
5’11, 175, 10-12% bf

keep the weights between 60-75% for lower body and 70-90% for upper.

Olympic lifts would be great if you can do them. After games the only thing I seem to be able to handle is light hypertrophy upper body work