Basic Clinical Massage Therapy

If anyone is interested in this subject, I purchased this book recently via Amazon. It has excellent illustrations with muscle diagrams overlaid on photographs of limbs, back etc using life subjects. With it is a DVD showing a clinician demonstrating various massage techniques. Particularly good if like me you have a working knowledge of massage and technniques (my qualification being in Swedish Massage) as this is more about deeper tissue work. At around £23 english money not a bank breaker either.

Hey thanks for the tip, I’m going to see if I can order it on Amazon here.


Your welcome, let me know what you think of it. :cool:

Curious if you ordered the book/DVD and if so, what were your thoughts?

My daughter is wanting me to learn massage so I can help her.


Check out the 10 day taper DVD. There has to be about 30 minutes of Charlie doing various techniques to muscle groups. That is how I got my start with massage. The one thing videos can’t help with is how much pressure should be applied.

Yes the GPP DVD is useful for that, there is a section on the Project Jane DVD where Charlie performs a pre speed massage i.e. light slapping of the legs. The pressure issue was one of the reasons I attended training courses presented by a qualified therapist. I’m also learning heaps from a physio I have coached for many years re pressure areas etc.

Charlie and I had friends we met while our son was growing up. They were highly trained medical professionals.
Highly trained all things might be cool as long as our mind is OPEN and curious. Just sayin…
Neither of them believed massage was effective. LOL
I am not able to spend enough time to share the stories regarding how helpful massage has been for the countless clients and people we have worked with over decades.
A little bit of massage, more frequently is ideal.
There are many different types of self care you can learn to fill in therapy gaps.
hot and colds contrast baths, showers, pool training
effective low intensity workouts
practicing anti-inflammatory nutrition
prioritizing rest, sleep, recovery and managing cortisol levels
Check out project jane and peaking when it counts and the south African series video’s to learn practical application on how to make the most of your hard work and dedication.