basic circuit

Could someone please post a basic circuit for me? It would be the first time I’ve done strength training. I’m 15 6’1 154lbs. I don’t really know what excercises would help sprinting (100m) and I don’t want to do pointless excercises. Also, could you please post the number of reps and sets with recovery times as well, or post a rough guide on how to work them out. Thanks.

What’s your previous experience with anything related to physical activity (in detail)

Well i played football (soccer) in secondary school for a year and a bit before i got osgood schlatters and stopped after playing with the pain for a while). Then after a rest (I was told by my gp to stop sports completely for a year…naturally i ignored her) I started athletics at school which wasn’t great, we had about 6 races a year and about as many training sessions. Later, I joined an athletics club and I’ve done sprint training for nearly 2 years, twice a week, now. I’d sprinted in competition in primary school but didnt train just ran in the few races we had each year. Now I’m injured with what I think is a muscle pull in my ass but I was planning on doing some circuit now, cos all my exams are finished for this year and now have more time, especially in the summer holidays.

edit: and I just started rugby last winter at school but the training for that is mostly skills based and no fitness work or anythign like that. School sports in england is a joke really especially athletics.

can someone please help i’m sure that at least some of you must know…

not being able to do any excercise is driving me mad.


being lazy here…

And find out what your injury is for sure before you start training on it.

thanks. its a mucle pull and i think its nearly healed but it seems to be going really slowly. can anyone post a basic circuit with rest times and reps and sets and everything?

Yea buddy here go’s somthing.
DB upright row-weight x12
20sec. rest
DB. high pull snatch from hip-weight x12
20sec. rest
DB squat jump-weight x12
20sec. rest
double leg bounds up stairs x2
20sec. rest
DB alt. split leg jumps- weight x12 each leg
20sec. rest
Abs x50 or more
5 min rest and repeat.

You’d want to do this circurt 5 to 7 times, it takes about 90mins to complete, its really tough. But this is just an example from one day out of a whole 4month training program, so you should really look up more stuff from other sites, this is the type of stuff that world renowned estafan javorek as me and the other athletes doing for athletics.