Baseball Preparation Cycle

I have just completed week 1 of a Baseball Peaking Cycle geared toward preparing a college athlete physically for the upcoming season which begins in mid-Feb. I wanted to run it by the group to see what your take on it is. For the first 4 weeks I have written in a GPP (AA) cycle which is as follows (excluding flexibility work):

1.1 (Sept. 29- Oct 5)
Monday: Acceleration, Weights
Starts 4x10
30 meter sprint 4x30
60 meter build-ups 4x60

	Pause Squats	2x5 @ 80%	3 min.
	Hammer Dead Lift	2x5 @ 80%	3 min.
	Flat Bench 	2x5 @ 80%	3 min.
	Standing Press	2x5 @ 80%	3 min.

Tuesday: Rest

Wedensday: Med. Speed Endurance
200m Repeats 2x4x200 @ 90% 60 sec / full

Thursday: Lower Body Weights
Platform Dead Lift 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Bulgarian Split Squat 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
One-Leg Romanian DL 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Glute-Ham Raise 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Hanging Knee Raise 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Hanging Alt Leg Raise 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Russian Twists 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.

Friday: Upper Body Weights
DB Flat Bench 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Low Rows 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Cuban Press 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Lat Pull Down 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Lying Lateral Raise 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Low Pulley Rotator Open 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.
Diamond Push-Up 2x15 @ 50% 60 sec.

Saturday: Hill Sprints
Hill Sprints 2x4x200 meters 60sec. / full

Sunday: Rest

This is cycle 1.1. Of course I will add stretching as well. Other than this, does any one have any comments or suggestions for improvements? I will post 1.2 later, and keep everyone posted on progress.

Looks great for position players, used to be a pitcher myself, just be sure to make modifications to your program if you are training a pitcher. A pitcher’s program preparation should be tailored around strengthening the legs and the core, and IMO (and from personal experience :frowning: ) they should stay from overhead pressing movements. Use a safety squat bar or one of those belt machine things(don’t know what there called :confused: ) so as not to compromise the GH joint as the pitcher should be throwing year-round and this puts enough stress on the joint as it is. Keep up the volume and cycle rotator cuff work with your pitcher’s. If your interested to know more about pitching and hitting check out Paul Nyman’s website,, IMO he is the best baseball instructor/trainer in the industry.