barefoot science foot strenghthening sole

Has anyone had any experience with this foot strengthening system?

These insoles are supposed to activate the foot as if you were walking or running barefoot. Supposed to solve a whole slew of foot, ankle, knee, lower back problems by aligning the body the way nature says.

The TV ad ran off the people who use it, one being Francis Obikwelu. Wonder what type of problems Obikwelu had, if he in fact uses these?

Could one wear these soles in spikes when doing speed work?

If you are looking into helping your feet out along with the kinetic chain, I highly suggest you just try to do more things barefoot (warming up, tempo, etc.).

Also, get shoes that most resemble walking barefoot such as thin flat shoes. The ground is typically flat when you walk on it and it doesn’t typically contain a significant amount of cushion along with a nice heel lift.

Putting any kind of shoe/in sole on your feet is going to, whether minimally or significantly, be different than using your feet how they were meant to be used i.e. barefoot.

I agree, but what about for the other 6 months out of the year when the grass is not favorable to do anything on (November-May in Canada).

Maybe walk a kilometre barefoot on the treadmill 2 or 3 times a week. Perhaps, gradually work into lifting barefoot. I heard governor Arnold used to lift barefoot. Squatting fairly heavy(400lbs.) and not feeling a thing.