Banned Substances

Notice: AGAIN
This time for triguy.
For the millionth time. The site will not accept posts on banned substances.

Just a reminder…some on the forum have been getting lax in this area. There are too many people here for second chances so be warned that any talk of banned substances will result in that user being BANNED from permanently.


As for banned substance discussion, we’re not giving out warnings anymore (thanks to those who did listen). Now, we are just shutting accounts down and banishing those who simply choose not to listen without warning or notice.

I appreciate that it is your site and can do what you want, I respect that but would like to voice my opinion.

IMHO there is a huge difference between people asking about and discussing the use of illegal substances and the discussiion of topical news events and the impact they have.

Regardless of difference or opinions, this forum is not the place for any sort of discussion about banned substances. Debate over. There is more than enough to discuss here without the aformentioned subject. Your posts John C-S are a valuable part of this forum. Keep up the good work.

Does that count as a warning? :smiley: :smiley:

I agree this is an invaluable source of information and understood it wasn’t a call for debate, I was just giving my point of view.

It is a warning. Simply put, if you don’t like the rules…don’t post here. We’ve had enough with this issue. Post about banned substances, and you won’t have to worry about logging out because you’ll be removed from our system entirely. This is not open to debate.

Thank you