Balancing the Load

If it’s feasible, sprints, HI bball, and lifting in one day would be cool. Of course, if you are going to be doing the HI bball in addition to sprinting or vice versa, then you need to lower the volume of both to compensate. However, in one day, during the school year no less, this might be hard to do due to facility locations, hours of operation, etc.

However, with all this said, this is the offseason and speed/strength are your relative weaknesses. You will get much faster on the court by doing sprints on the track in spikes than you will doing moves on the court. And, it is possible that with the great volume of LI skill work, that your handles and shot should be just as good when you try to do them with your faster self, without having practiced everything faster. At least, without having practiced in as great a volume as traditionally used.

So it is really just a matter of preference.

The end of this thread, which i see you have read, explains the situation of the general HI work vs. the specific skill HI work.

And as for keeping your legs fresh for lifting by doing HI work in the morning, this is up to you too. I have done both and depending on my schedule I switch it up. I feel more warmed up when I lift immediately afterwards so it’s just personal preference.

So a few examples for a HI day:

Day A

-Sprints 5x10, 5x10, 3x20, 3x20

Day B

-Sprints 5x10, 3x20
-LI skill work warmup

  • 1-2 Games of 21, 3s, or 1 on 1

Day C

-Sprints 5x10, 3x20
-LI skill work warmup

  • Defensive slide drills for 6 reps
  • pick one explosive move and finish with a jumpshot or layup for 10 reps
    -dunks or rim touches or touch somethin never touched before for 5 reps (this will be a good indictator of overall progress with general physical abilities)

Day D

-LI skill work warmup
-Defensive slide drills for 5 reps
-Game of 21
-explosive moves and finish with jumpshot or layup for 10 reps

Day E

-Sprints 5x10, 5x10, 3x20, 3x20
-LI skill work warmup
-Game of 3 on 3

i think i may go with court in the morning, then sprints in afternoon followed by lifting.

I think it is impossible to run a 5x5 cycle and play basketball alongside of it everyday. Impossible. I need to figure out what I can do weight training wise so I don’t kill myself and then im nothing when I play.

what wrong with that? seriously, i don’t know

wouldn’t be anything bad about it, but i’ve got a corn food allergy.

What have you been doing exactly with the 5x5? I’m not so familiar with it. And what type of problems are you having? Just feeling flat? DOMS?

other things:
Are you eating well?
Getting enough sleep?

5x5 consists of this

Monday: Squat, Bench, Rows. Ramping weight to top set of 5 on each. Then ghrs and abs.

Wednesday: Front Squat, Military or Incline, Deadlift. Ramping weight to top set of 5. Abs

Friday: Squat, Bench, Rows. Ramping weights to top set of 3, which uses a heavier weight then on mondays top 5. Then biceps and triceps.

I’m getting around 7-8 hours of sleep a night and am eating pretty well. Overall my body just hurts and feels dull. Not explosive at all with any basketball moves and can hardly get myself off the ground on my jumpers. I also die out pretty quick shooting jumpers.

How close to your 5RM and 3RM are those top sets?

Seems kind of a heavy workload with high frequency as opposed to a Heavy/Light type split.

Well in four weeks you are supposed to hit your old 5rpm. So I started out at 80% then 85%. How would you set up a Heavy/Light split.

A Heavy/Light type split is just like a normal Westside split or WS4SB.

So, 4 days a week pretty much:

Sun- RE or SE UB, assistance
Mon- ME LB, assistance
Wed- ME UB, assistance
Fri- RE or SE LB, assistance

Do your HI days on MWF. On other days you can do tempo/rest/or LI skill work. The RE/SE UB on Sunday is LI so your CNS isn’t drained. So this way, you have a Heavy day for each LB and UB and a Light day for each LB and UB.

For 3 days a week though you need to make some adjustments:

Mon-ME LB, SE UB, assistance
Wed-ME UB, RE LB, assistance
Fri- SE or RE LB, RE UB, assistance

When I say “ME” it’s more like 80-90% and using Prilipin’s chart as a guide. You might want to stick closer to the 80% end though at your level. SE lifts are no higher than 70% and done using Prilipin’s chart as a guide yet again.

This is all from Westside/James Smith. I don’t know if this is what you need but it is just something to think about as you feel the 5x5 is not optimal. Trial and error…

so on ME, don’t really go to full ME?

I’m also thinking about maybe something along the lines of WSFSB, 2 upper and 1 lower. But then have another day of just sprinting instead of DE OR RE lower.

Ya I just use “ME” to mean heavy or 80%+ really. Using Prilipin’s chart, something like 5-6x3@80% might be a good session. Or work up to a heavy 5 and reduce the weight and do 1-2 more sets of 5. Or work up to a heavy 3, reduce weight and do 2-3 sets of 3.

Go ahead and try what you were thinking of. Bust your ass on that leg day.

Only thing I would watch out for is DOMS because you will only be lifting once a week.

What have you been doing as far as court work and speed-strength work?

For court work I am shooting around 150-250 jumpshots for a HI session and about 75 for a LI session.

For HI session, I’ll shoot stationary, on the move, work out of triple threat, and start from around half court drive to basket make a move outside 3pt line and either pull up or take it all the way.

Haven’t been doing anything for speed-strength work to my knowledge.

few Qs:

Why is your LI # of shots lower than your HI # of shots?

Where is the HI defensive work?

And do you feel 150-250 gamespeed shots/moves is a little too much? Or do you feel fine physically/mentally afterwards?

I must of misunderstood somewhere, I thought I was supposed to put up more shots on my HI days. Haven’t been doing too much defensive work, I will start though. I think that’d look good on any HI day or espec the sprinting day.

Even though my 150-250 shots are game speeds, they aren’t all moves. I’ll only do like 30 or so moves from half court coming in. Everything is stationary, pivoting into the shot. Or catching the ball and imaginarily working my man over in triple threat to either shoot or take it to the hoop.

If you are doing something with full intensity, the volume should be decreased to accomodate. Volume and intensity should be inverse of each other. So, Low Intensity shots might mean 500+ shots in a session. High Intensity shots might then mean 60-120 or your 150-250, which I think is a wee bit high.

To me, if I were doing jumpshots on my HI day, they would be like this:

These cats are gettin quite some lift on their shot. Of course, this is not always necessary, the most important thing is the shot going in. Many kids try to get way too much lift and and end up too tense or shooting on the way down and such. So, beware.

And jumpshots on your LI day might be closer in and without as much effort or lift in them. This would be like warmup or shootaround type shots. Or free throws which have no jump. And while quality takes precedence over quantity, 75 shots seems much too low.

You can easily do a few 100 FTs everyday without losing your legs. This is not even including the tens to 100-200 layups and close-in-shots that you should get in the first couple of minutes as warmup.

alright, sweet. who were those two players? :wink:

i always thought i should do HI skill on same day as HI weights so then next day would be LI.

Yes, this is correct.


How is your training going with that new split?

It’s going well so far. My legs still feel a little beat down, I’m not for sure why. Like whenever I go in for my bball workouts, the old spring just isn’t there. Also my hips are always so tight/sore. Any ideas?