Backgrounds analise

I can give you my background from past 4 weeks, after my ankle sprain, and you can give me your thoughts about ok.
Well, i´m gonna put the times from last to first train past 2 weeks.
Today ( sat, i woke-up 7:44am drank a fruit vitamine = milk + banana + mamão + bcaa + aminoacidos )
Conventioal shoes, clock on right hand ( you know, guarantie ) a mid to long warmup, simple as usual, walk, jog, stretch, heat warm then work !!
1st 150: 22.32s
2nd 150: 21.90s
3rd 150: 22.16s
4th 150: 22.32s
longer interval ( humm, not more than 4 minutes )
5th 150: 21.50s
6th 150: 22.91s
7th 150: 23.03s ( uf !! )
ok, 8th 150: 22.18s

Walk rest between each 150

I´m doing more stretch after hard works, it works.

What about ?
If any of you give me one word, i´ll give you my train from yesterday; wich was not so harder, but faster surely.