Back to back Hi Int days

Looking for some thoughts/ideas on doing multiple back to back high days per week. The main reason is time and I am tired of trying to fit twice daily training in 2-3 days per week.

This template has been used successfully by some higher level athletes. The volume is kept relatively in this template. Less than 250m of total sprint volume per session.

  1. Accel+ (maybe light plyo and throws) + push weights
  2. Low
  3. pull weights
  4. MaxV (maybe some hops)
  5. push weights
  6. Off, Low or maybe hills

Another idea…

  1. MaxV
  2. Push weights
  3. Accel
  4. Pull weights
  5. low/off
  6. Hill, Push weights

Just brainstorming some ideas.

What is your goal with such a program performance wise? Have you considered the Pm speed, AM weights setup?

Like Syrus said, what level is this for and what are the goals?

One idea I’ve played with but never implemented is a rotating 4 day setup-

  1. Speed
  2. Weights/Jumps
  3. Tempo
  4. Off
    Cycle repeats

My thoughts are this type of setup might work well for somebody who can train seven days a week but for only an hour and that can only handle two speed sessions per week, like a masters athlete. The weights would have to be basic whole body sessions and the speed sessions could alternate acceleration and max speed, or short speed and speed endurance (starting with split runs moving to SE1). I’m sure somebody has used this setup before.

Working mainly: power, strength, accel, short speed. Could work for football (with more conditioning included perhaps), winter sports, any other sports requiring those qualities predominantly.

Syrus can you explain PM speed, AM weights? Just want to make sure I am frying you idea there.

Some coaches will do speed in the evenings and instead of doing weights after the session, will save it until the morning after. This way, you get the work done within a 24hr time frame, are more productive in the weight room, and can have a decent amount of recovery until your next Hi session.

I’ve also considered separating eccentrically dominant CNS activities and concentrically dominant CNS activities within a 24hr time frame as well. This separation can be considered a mini CNS wave as is typically seen in a microcycle of 7 days.

That’s a good idea.

The weights before speed thing has been frequently discussed here, and I think you know what Charlie and most others here feel about it. What I personally observed is that if you do weights first, you MUST hold back in the weight room to avoid overloading your CNS, and if you follow a hard weight session with a hard speed session in the same day, you can totally cook your CNS to the point that it takes days to recover. The advantage of doing weights after speed (or on a separate day) is that you know when you’re tired and you hold back or even cancel weights in those cases. Some of this depends on your level as an athlete and whether you have the conditioning and power to push your CNS to that point.

We have also had discussions about linear periodization (ask James Smith about that). I would prefer to look at weights as stimulus, and in GPP when the track stimulus is less (you aren’t likely doing anything like MaxV at this point) you can do concentrated loading weight schemes like CF had in his GPP. This period and the offseason is when you are likely to make the most improvements. Then, when you have built up your strength and basic conditioning (ET or IT) and are starting to do accels + speed or SE + speed, you SHARPLY cut the weight load.

Can you provide an example of workouts where this separation takes place? Thanks!