Back squats alternating with ?

Without performing front squats, lunges, step ups, leg press or hack squats I can get close to squatting 2x body weight only using back squat. However I feel I may benefit from alternating back squat sessions with another exercise ie. one similar to above list, for the same muscle groups but am wondering which to include. I dont favour leg press/hack squat which leaves front squat, lunges, step ups. What do you think?

Btw I already back hypers and good mornings and I am talking about a movement that involves the quads primarily also.

I’d try front squats or deadlifts.

Do you need more develop in your quads? How much weight are you squating and for what number of reps?

Split squat á la Tatyana Lebedeva?

Isn’t single leg movements more sports specific for sprinting? So wouldn’t doing some form of single leg resisted movement be good?

like split squat…

Not sure I need front squat because my quads become strong easily. I can perform full oly squat 150kg at 80kg body weight when peaking which would be potentially above 170kg power lifting squat if my back was stronger.
I am concentrating more than ever on my posteriour chain btw.

However I have had time out and my oly squat is probably only 120kg at the moment and I was wondering about alternating it anyway in an attempt to increase the growth/strength stimulous to such muscle groups.

Deadlift and split squat are so different, perhaps I need deads more?

You said it yourself, “…if my back was stronger.” I would go to deads if I were you. Split squats involve very little back extensors, but a lot of gluteals, hams and quads. I have improved my parallel squat a lot with the help of deadlifts mainly because of the improved strength of the spinal erectors.

We are not trying to be sport specific in the gym, because it simply isn’t possible when it comes to sprinting. The reason for unilateral work could be a strenght disparity between the hips/legs or safety reasons when training beginners etc., not to be sport specific.

If you are looking for PC development why not…

Reverse Hypers
Back Extensions
Heavy CL Pulls
Stability Ball Leg Curls (just kidding :smiley: )

IMO all this lifts will have a positive affect on your squat strength.

…or simply because there are some damn good exercises that are unilateral in nature. :stuck_out_tongue:

if your looking for the largest bang for the buck and need to strengthen your back then deadlifts and there assorted varations are the way to go.

I think maybe snatch grip deadlifts would be a good idea. You can go deeper with them than with regular deadlifts for better hamstring activation, and they’re less stressing on the CNS I read.