Back on Track...or Grass??

It’s me, and I’m back. I haven’t really posted in a while, I’m still recovering from my plica syndrome from last spring, which is on my left knee. Just to keep a record, this is where I left off last indoor season, with PR’s in both 400m and 200m:
400m: 59.1
200m: 26.2 (I believe??)
Then I ran my first outdoor meet in COLD weather and everything went downhill from there, with my knee giving up with this new injury… Haven’t run a meet ever since…

I did a lot of martial arts during the summer time to keep me fit and explosive and keep things fun :slight_smile: I did a month’s worth of kickboxing and capoeira (fun funnnn) in Greece, and then came back to CT at the end of August to work full time as an intern architect. Meanwhile, I picked up Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai and just a little bit of Kung Fu/ Karate. I’d make a great Mixed Martist Artist with the rate that I’m going :stuck_out_tongue: , but lets face it…track is my true love…

I plan to see a physio soon so he can give me some advice with treatment, meanwhile, I discovered that grass workouts are best for me at the moment, so I will keep doing those and keep things on record here…

Comments are very welcome!!!

Oh: collegiate track is pretty much done for me. From now on it’s open track meets in the States, and of course GREEK track meets, which are my main goal.

Number one goal: recover from this Plica thing for the time being.

I’m going to set small goals, in order to accomplish my bigger ones in the future.

So far this summer has been mostly martial arts (as I said), longish runs, striders, and occasional 400(*9) tempo practices.

Now I’ve been advised to stay strictly on grass and I plan to do so… :o

Knee Plica Syndrome (plica syndrome; synovial plica syndrome). A tightening of the synovial plica (bands or folds of tissue) that may form in the knee joint. Many people have plicae in three or four places in the knee, with no adverse symptoms. However, when the plicae tighten (for example, as a result of an athletically related knee trauma), they can become hard and damage the knee. A tightened mediopatellar plica (the plica most likely to tighten) behaves like a bowstring, eroding the medial facet of the patella and the medial femoral condyle, causing anteromedial knee pain and a clicking noise as the plica snaps over the end of the femur. The symptoms mimic other knee disorders, so that knee plica is notoriously difficult to diagnose. Rest and ice are the most useful forms of treatment, but sometimes localized steroid injections are used. In cases which do not respond to conservative treatment, the plicae may be removed arthroscopically.

Yesterday I went on the grass field that lies behind the elementary school right across my street and did the following workout:

10min jogging

And that’s it.

Haha, I’m just kidding… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I started jogging and my left ankle felt extremely tight for some reason, I was planning on warming up for 20min or so, but the grass unevenness stressed my ankle I suppose and had to cut it short.
Then ran across the street to my house to use the bathroom… :rolleyes: and then went on the field again. Since I can’t measure meters on the grass, this is going to be all estimating by time, (I was holding a stopwatch, although I think it’s too early for that and I should be concentrating more on form and running relaxed at this point)

But anyways, I made up this tempo workout:
-Fast stride for about 40-45seconds, straight into 10 burpees, straight into 30 crunches (high feet), straight into 20 floor hypers, straight into about 1:10min recovery jog
-Straight into 40-45sec stride>10 squat jumps>60 bicicle abs>hypers>1:10min jog
-40-45sec stride>5 split squat jumps(5 each leg)>40crunches (feet on ground)>20 hypers>1:10min jog
-40-45sec stride>20sec fast feet in place>50 scissor leg abs (I think I just made up that name…)>20 hypers>1:10min jog
Then I did those four parts all over again with no rest (so basically there was no rest throughout the whole thing, except maybe 5-10seconds after the fast stride thing. Oh , the only difference with the second set is that I did double split squat jumps because I was looking for that forgotten burn :o , and I forgot to do the fast feet in place thing (too tired to remember!)

Then I walked around for about 4minutes, and decided to end the session with 5* fast sprints (always on grass). According to my walking estimation (14 steps is usually 10m for me), the distance was 50-60meters, I started from 3-point stance, and they were ROUGHLY estimated like this:
7.3, 6.8, 6.7, 6.6, and last one not timed because I wanted to run “worry-free”.

Did not cool down, or stretch…

One hour and 15min later martial arts practices :smiley: Today was a “do your thing” day, so in Muay Thai I was basically kicking and punching the bag and doing padwork for a full hour (let me tell you, it works up a sweat!), I LOVE kicking…It’s definately my thing. Padding with the trainer was very efficient…we worked on my weakest punch which is the jab. Then I blocked some teeps, and learned the sweaping kick, and did a lot of jab-cross-uppercut-hook combinations.
Then Brazilian Jujitsu class was a “roll around” day, so I went over some technique stuff with the only girl in the class who shows up randomly, then we started sparring on the ground, she had me at the bottom and I was going to flip her over with the infamous “scissor” that I learned this week, and I was so thrilled it was going to work, when BARABOOM… while i’m flipping her, calf cramp! :eek: The trainer runs to me and helps me calm it down, basically for the rest of the session it was tight and felt like on the verge of cramping again, so I took it easy and did a lot of “watch and learn and do in slow motion” things. :slight_smile:

Then we watched a video of muay thai training camps, my trainer’s teacher is actually involved in professional competitions and UFC stuff, it is true that I go to one of the best mixed martial arts school in the area :wink: , but as I said, my focus here is track, and martial arts is purely fun for me at the moment. I think it’s getting me explosive (we do some really good explosive drills occasionally), and sparring in brazilian jujitsu is one heck of a strength endurance workout…

And just for the sake of reassuring the longiness (if that word even exists) of this entry, I will add that I will be starting weight room training in about a week. This Monday I will most likely try out a kettlebelts weight session at my martial arts school, word has been going around that it kicks your ass…But I don’t think I’ll be doing it on a regular basis, since they’re asking for $60dollars extra monthly tuition just for half an hour every week…I think NOT.

Now if my nutrition starting getting back on track…
First of all, August 1-August 15 was a big fast period in my church, and for the first time I decided to give it a try and keep it, I basically gave up meat, all dairy and anything with eggs in it for two full weeks. I had to rely on carbs a lot, and silly me…only the last two days I remembered about my protein shakes…duhhh.
After the fast was over, I had a three day period of sweet cravings, and it so happened that everywhere I went there were desserts offered to me… (oh my…) My coworkers bring me a chocolate milk shake at work, which I hadn’t tasted in months and months…(heck, years), then they bring a chocolate cake to my job because we won some sort of competition…
Then next day we eat cake again because there is left overs…I make chocolate pudding at home because I just MISSED milk !! (AND chocolate… :o ) Yesterday was my friend’s birthday and what did I eat…birthday cake! And yes, there was chocolate…Today I had some left over chocolate cake that my friend gave me to take home…andddd I think starting NOW, (it’s 9:26am on a Saturday - which means, yes,… I had a piece of chocolate cake at 9am…I think it’s the best time of the day to experience the taste of a dessert :o ) I am going on a health diet. End of story. In fact, I 'll start writing things down so I’m more cautious of what I consume.

Hi everyone.
I moved my journal to another thread called “Stef’s track journal and MMA ventures”.

Thank you.