Back into it after a short Retirement.

Retirement from running sux. Mid jan i have not run at all till yesterday. There i did a fast 10min effort. so thats basically 3 months. During which i done lots and lots of weight to gain some kgs. Now, i feel its time to hit the track again. Tonight, just a couple of k’s to the gym for a leg workout. Then a couple of k’s back. Start track work on Sat. Legs will be full leg press working up in weight. Seated calf raise and straight leg dead lifts. Will post kg tomorrow.

leg press was down as far as machine would let me and 30-45sec recovery
60kg x 10
80kg x 10
100kg x10
120kg x 10
140kg x 8
Romanian Dead lift
20kg x 8
60kg x 5
100kg x 5
120kg x 3
Seated calf raise, 3 sets of what ever was on machine!!

next day gym then light water running
gym all with 30sec recovery
Incline bench
20kg x 15
40kg x 5
50kg x 5
70kg x 3 then 50kg x 3 then 40kg x 3 with no rest.
seated rows
40kg x 10
60kg x 10
70kg x 10
75kg x 8
front shoulder laterals per arm
10kg x 6
12.5kg x 6
15kg x 6
17.5kg x 6
french press for triceps both arms
20kg x 10
30kg x 10
30kg x 10
35kg x 10
barbell curl 20sec recovery
10kg x 10
15kg x 10
20kg x 10
25kg x 10
30kg x 10
2 sets of sit ups of 10 reps.
about time i started sit ups. been very slack

No time to run to gym like i planned.
full ass to grass squats with 45sec recovery
20kg x 15
40kg x 10
60kg x 8
80kg x 6
80kg x 6
leg curl
4 sets of not know weight.

leg press machine calf raises
40kg x 10
80kg x 10
120kg x 10
160kg x 10

3 sets of 10 sit ups.

Woke up sick. feels like too much pizza and cheesecake. sick all day though still went to work for 4.5 hrs. I think no training today.

Sat, still sick but managed a 8 min road run.

Sunday, track running
4 x 200m with 2 min rec.
1. 29.73
2. 28.22
3. 27.58
4. 33.74

Mon, missis was sick, had to look after kids = no training.

Tue, woke up sick again, felt better by lunch.
Cycle 3k to gym, all gym with 30-45sec recovery
Dumbell flys 2 x 8 x 10kg
8 x 15kg
6 x 17.5kg
10 x 20kg
1arm rows. 10 x 20kg
8 x 30kg
6 x 40kg
Bent over laterals 3 x 10 x 10kg

Skull crushers 10 x 10kg
10 x 15kg
10 x 20kg
10 x 25kg
Concentration curls 3 x 8 x 15kg
Wrist curls 3 x 15kg
Cycle 5k home fast effort

welcome back out of retirement! :slight_smile:

Wed, woke feeling a bit flue again. Got better as i warmed up
Ran to gym, got lost so ran further than expected.
Approx 3k
Leg extension 4 sets of unkown pin machine weight.
Standing leg curl 3 sets of 15kg x 10
1 set of 20kg x 8
Standing Calf raise 4 sets of unknown machine pin weight. Last set was whole rack.
sit ups, 3 sets of 10

gym, upper body 30 sec recovery between sets
Decline bench, 20kg x 20
50kg x 14
70kg x 10
90kg x 6
90kg x 5 - 70kg x 3 - 50kg x 4, no rest.
Chins, started very wide grip, each set closed gip 2inches. 5 sets of 8-5
finished back with lat pull down machine 70kg x 4 60kg x 4 50kg x 4 no rest
Seems like i forgot to do shoulders.
Tricep push downs. 40kg x 10
50kg x 10
60kg x 10
70kg x 8
Dumbell curls 6 x 15kg
2 sets of 6 x 20kg
Feeling sick, went home.

Fri, little girls b/day, so no training that day, and it was raining.

1 x 400m on mondo track. 1st time on mondo in 5yrs.
1st 200, 25.08
nd 200, 30.02
Total 400m time, 55.1.
Felt good until last 60m where form broke drastically. Last 15m was extreamly slow.

another run on the mondo track. same as Sat, 1 x 400m
1st 200m 25.33
2nd 200m 28.93
Total 400m 54.26
Nearly a sec quicker than sat, felt heaps better over last 60m. Was warm and pretty windy at track.

Monday, Anzac day in australia. So, public holiday. Nice and warm and almost no wind.
So, another 400m effort. Last 400m for the wk.
1st 200m 25.73
2nd 200m 27.80
total 400m 53.53
More relaxed during 1st 200m, and during last 60m, a lot more relaxed thereby keeping more speed tilll finnish.

Tue, gym, 30-45 sec between sets.
2 mins of rowing machine.
Dumbell flys - 10kg x 10
15kg x 10
20kg x 8 x 3
One arm rows, 20kg x 10
30kg x 10
40kg x 10
50kg x 7
Militry press, 4 sets of unkown kg
Barbell curls, 10kg x 10
20kg x 10
25kg x 8
30kg x 8
Tricep push down
40kg x 10
50kg x 10
60kg x 10
75kg x 6
sit ups, romianan chair, 3 sets of 10

Bad weather for last wk, lots of wind really blowing, rain and its now even cold. It may not be cold but after a summer where you sweat doing nothing, its cold to me… So, really did not much last wk except some gym work, went away on wkend to get things organised for a wedding, lost my job, found a new one a week later, start monday coming. Got back into routine on wed. just gone.
Gym, chest and back
Thurs Legs, leg press 30-45s recovery
15 x 40kg
10 x 60kg
10 x 80kg
10 x 100kg
10 x 120kg
8 x 140kg
8 x 160kg
leg press till 45deg
6 x 200kg
6 x 240kg
Lying hammie curls, 4 sets
Seated calf raises. 4 sets
sit ups, 3 sets of 15

Fri, shoulders and arms
Seated dumbell press
10 x 10kg each arm
10 x 15kg
10 x 20kg
6 x 25kg
front laterals 15kg x 5reps each arm
20kg x 5 reps x 2sets
bent over laterals 10kg x 5
12.5kg x 5
17.5kg x 4
Barbell curls, 10 reps 20sec rest,
10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg
wrist curls, 15kg
tricep push downs, 10 x 40kg
10 x 50kg
10 x 60kg
6 x 75kg
sit ups 3 sets of 15 on chair

Today, Sat. warm up 30min, stiff in hips from hard gym workouts. quads, chest, arms, shoulders and neck rather stiff. Ran a 200m effort as relaxed as i could. didnt go to hard in 1st 40m as was worried about some kid on the track i may run into. eased last 10m for an unkown reason??? Ran 23.23. Fastest time i have had timed for me for yrs. I am sure i have run faster, but not timed??? What a difference Tartan or mondo tracks make for running faster times! I have barily run over last 5 months and i just run a fastest time in yrs for me… Grass tracks in queensland suck big time. unless doing tempo or such. no more time trials on grass for me. Considering i ran on grass a 37.8 klm per hr gps measured effort. and considering the difference mondo or tartan makes to my times. its possable i would have at that time ran over 40klms per hr on mondo!! perhaps i was not as crapy as i thought. Just had no axcess to mondo or tartan for yrs. Now its down the road. I think its time to rock.

sunday, starting to actually get cold in the evening. rather stiff and sore in places from sat session. not to bad but needed a jog with some efforts here and there to loosen up. around 15min. went well.

monday, started new Job. No time for training.
Tue. work seems to be making me extreamly hungry. Way to hungry and flat to do any trianing…