Back at It

Well decided to get everything together and get back into. More because of a challenge from an old friend for Thanksgiving break. Eating has changed, much healthier and more food, but ever since I got down damn near the weight and body fat i wanted, I have been dropping size no matter what or how much I eat. I went home for break and eat like a pig for 2.5 weeks straight, came back and I LOST 5lbs. Well w/e.

Jogged for a warm up, not sure how far
4x10 from knees and laying starts (more of a warm up)
4x20 from down start (felt fast and fluid)
2x30 from down start (again fast and fluid)

I was down all the way up to 30, thats when I really felt like I was just starting to get closer and closer to standing up. Having trouble firing out of the hole, I’m sure practice will fix that.

Close Grip Bench-1x5@185, 190, 195, 1x3@205 (pathetic)
Really Close Grip-1x8@135, 1x@135
Chest Supp Rows-2x6@105, 2x8@45
I do my higher rep sets with a very high density, 15-30 sec between sets

Work for 2 hours

Good Mornings-1x6@195, 205, 215, 225, 245

Weird how my legs are so much stronger than my upper body, would think that neural development would carry over.

Geez was I out of shape as far as high intensity work is concerned! Very sore in the shoulders (no doubt due to the sprints) upper back, and (I believe) my torso. Oh well, comes with the territory. Did a short circuit to get the blood flowing and hopefully help with recovery.

10 min of
5 squats, 5 push ups, 10 reverse crunches

Tempo later should help more

2x4x140m(5 push ups and 15 crunches between each rep, 1 lap walk between sets)
2 lap cooldown

Once I saw her on a beach of weathered sand
And on the sand I wanna leave it again, yeah
On a weekend I wanna wish it all away, yeah

Felt soo much better today, very high energy and much less soreness.

Warm up(includes the 10m sprints from knees and laying down)
2x3x35m(6 min between sets, walk back between reps)

Bulgarian Squats-1x12@75, 10@85, 8@85
Leg Curls-1x14@70, 13@75, 10@75
DB Incline Bench-1x12@65, 10@65, 8@65
Rows-Same as bench but plus 2 reps on each set
Rear Delts-1x20@15

Upper body was still pretty sore, so Ill use that as an excuse to for the weak numbers. Felt great on the first set of sprints and on the first rep of the second set, the last three felt slow and forced.

same tempo workout as before, felt a little more wore down this time though, but didn’t sweat as much. didn’t want to up the volume with a sprint workout and lift tomo, will up volume on sat since i have sunday off