Baby "Critique my diet"

“Ready Or Not”

Training 7 days aweek for two sports, boxings and track and field.

I mostly only drink water, throughout the day. I take a Multi -vitamin aswell.


Breakfast ,oatmeal with Milk chopped up bananas, Pint Glass of Water


Dinner, what ever me mum makes “Rice chicken, veg and soup” Green Tea


Tuna Sandwitch


oatmeal –Milk chopped up apples, nice sweat fruit, might have some more Green Tea aswell


Last meal before bed - protein shake

Just by looking you need to eat more; this barely looks like enough to maintain. But then again, I don’t know what your goals are, BW, etc etc… Be a little more specific.

yeah i eat snacks throughtout the day aswell. I have only been eating like this of late, i think i will go back to my normal deit, just eating the good stuff

Today this is my deit, going back to normal. This along with afew snacks inbetween meals more fruit, and i like munching on Protien bars, mix nuts and rasins the good stuff

  1. Oatmeal with Milk chopped up bananas, i have two bannas chopped up.

  2. Dinner Chicken potatoes, Vegetables, and Rice pudding, and Protien shake.

  3. Tin of beans and four pieces of bread toasted.

  4. Oatmeal with milk chopped up apples.

  5. Protein Shake

Hey Mr.Cool,

FYI, I just noticed you have negative rep points (e.g the red instead of green under your location/stats). I didn’t think that was possible!



Well nothing surprises me, notorious weather its negative positive, but to be honest I couldn’t careless, if I am upsetting people so what.

I wonder how well these people with high rep points would fair on a standerized test to rate their abilities. Im guessing not as high as there reputation might state. In other words its an internet forumn. Half the people I know dont even know this thing exists. Charlie who? Whos that. I mean seriously. Werent you at one point over 70. Who cares.

Guy from boston says: You want people to respect you then do it urself. Forget posting take action. Anyone can make money and be a so called expert. You just have to be business savvy. You dont need a lic of knowledge. Ill even go as far to say you dont need connections.

For example I could go to the town hall get a permit because I teach and have a 100 kids out there and charge them 160$ for six weeks and literally could not know a thing about sprinting. Again I say Forget who you know and what they think. No one can stop you from suceeding if you really want it. I say do it urself. I mean would you really wanna make it far but be a sell out. Not me. Not even on here.

In other words being a good poster on the charlie francis forumn is great but its not gonna to get you far. You have to do it yourself.

Got the b’s to say it baby! Boston Baby.