Average salaries

A friend and I were discussing what type of salaries D1 coaches make for track. Could someone give me a general idea what type of range the salaries fall into. Thanks.

There is a HUGE range and the highest I’ve heard of is around 300,000usd.

Out of curiousity whats the low end of the range?

I’m guessing around 30.000usd but that would be exceptionally poor as the first example would be exceptionally rich.

Thanks for the quick response.

as a matter of curiosity what D1?

The biggest problems are coaches simply getting paid for work they do

Division one- top school catagory in NCAA- scholarships etc

I know of one coach who made 24k in his first year as head coach at a smaller D1 school-this was about two years ago.

Being the head track coach also increases the pay. At the local D1 here the head track coach does double duty as the distants coach.

Another factor is whether the job is fulltime and/or year round. Universities like to save money (with the track program at least) whenever possible, meaning coaching jobs can be fulltime albeit 9 month positions.

i think this is the problem in the UK not enough paid coaches to help people out! i see scottish athletics are trying to get more paid staf coaches in for diffrent areas but the pay is only 2,000 uk £

I have a “real” job on campus.
Coaching pay would never cut it.
Its a double edged sword as the combined pay of my 2 jobs prices me out of inquiries I have received over the years…