Avatar Catalogs

Hi Members,

Several new avatars for your use have been loaded into the forum. Simply goto your user control panel (userCP) and select avatar to see what we’ve got so far. Be sure to check back often as more will be added daily.



How come my UserCP won’t let me use my own?

Are we not aloud to use our own anymore?

my avatar is so cute, too… :frowning: i know everyone wants it back so they can admire it!

I tried UL my own pic for my avatar, it didnt work. hmmmmmm :frowning:

testing for avatar

Hi Members, Friends…

Avatars are coming shortly. We have a few “loose ends” to stitch up then we’ll roll out what promises to be one of the largest avatar collections around :slight_smile:

Happy time!


wait… the option is there now, but i still can’t upload my own avatar… it just refreshes the screen without uploading it! :frowning:

See my last post on this matter…


Cool, but can we use our own? I liked mine.