Australia Story...

My brother is in the United States Marine Corps and just got back from overseas and Australia. He apparently hung out with some Australian military and my brother and his buddies locked their keys out of their hotel room on the 2nd floor. Now since it was 3:00AM they decided to climb through the window at the back of the hotel room and the Australians (who happened to be hanging out with, uh, what’s the p.c. term, little person) agreed to give them a hand. So my brother and his buddies start to try and form a ladder or pyramid and have the australians climb up on top of them and reach for the window. Well…

the australians had a better idea and decided to throw the little person up into the air and through the window. After about a minute of silence, they hear the little person groan and get up and run to the door and unlock the hotel room. That’s what I call problem solving.

P.S. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. If it does I’m sorry and I (or the moderators I’m sure) will remove it. Just thought I would share.

Being a little person I am extremely offended! :stuck_out_tongue:

My assumpton from that is reception wasn’t manned 24/7.

See I would of just gone down stairs to reception if it was.

But being Australian and a little man - maybe that isn’t lateral enough.

Sounds liek Aussies though. I can remember going somebodies room via balconies on the 12th floor. 4 rooms away from mine.