Aussies, Need Help on Getting New Spikes

Long story short, one of our dogs got hold of one of my spikes, and either a) took it somewhere or b) chewed it up because i can not find it at all.

this is stressful as now i only have 1 pair of spikes, but the main thing was they were ‘my’ spikes, which i bought when i first started training. so in a way, they were special. i do have one of the spikes, so i’m keeping it.

anyway, i want to go out and buy a new pair of spikes. thing is, i don’t know what’s good to buy. and the reason i want aussie help is because maybe spikes in US aren’t here in OZ or whatever. anyway, my events are long jump and 100m. but my spikes should be aimed towards 100m.

what are good brands? the main part is that i can only purchase them from SportsPower or Rebel Sports as i can not order anything online or such. So a good spike that is suited towards 100m that can be ordered through to SP or RP if needed.

Thanks in advance

no shop i have been to seems to carry the same type of spike. all shops seem to have different brands or same brands and different models. Look for one with a flexable big toe and a stiff arch, i have had good success with that type for max speed, but for normal training, something a big more giving, or more softer seems better for me.

Why can’t you order online?

no one in our family has a credit card…

if we did, i would probably do one of them ‘NikeId’ spikes just for fun haha

but yeah, no cards over here

:eek: as much as that is unusual it isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you don’t pay them off each month the interest is a killer :frowning:

You don’t necessarily need a cc, I just bought a brand new pair of spikes (still had tags on them) for $46 including postage off our equivilant of eBay and paid by depositing the money in the persons bank account.

oh ok, sounds interesting.

could you just tell me the full process you did? unless that is it? but i am interested in learning more about this. might try this

I don’t know what you have over there but here TradeMe is NZ’s most popular internet site.

is the link to the Running, track and field section. Simply click on the link for the item of interest and you get the details including pic, payment details etc. You can either bid or as is often the case they have a buy now price. If you have questions you can post those and get them answered. A good example is the Brooks sprint spikes

thanks for that

paypal mate. they have insurance coverage and use your own nominated back account, does not have to be a cc.