Aussie Athletics

Just like to commend the aussie track & field team for a great performance.

Without going through the history books, i believe the aussies have done quite well in comparison to previous years.

Mens PV - Hooker

Womens 100mh - McLellan
50km Walk - Tallent

20km Walk - Tallent

Top ten:
20km Walk - Luke Adams
50km Walk - Luke Adams
Mens 4x400m
Mens 3000m sc - Youcef Abdi
Mens Javelin - Jarrod Bannister
Womens Discus - Dani Samuels
Heptathlon - Kylie Wheeler

I think its been a great effort.
Also mentions to Milburn and Wroe in the 400m who made the semi’s as well as Tamsyn (??) who made the 800m semi

Disappointment was Motram in the 5000m not making the final.

But four medals and another 7 top ten finishes (i dont think ive missed anyone) is a fantastic effort!
Well done

Great?? I reckon ‘Good’ - a pass mark & that’s about it.

Outstanding effort by the medallists plus Abdi, Adams, Wheeler and Samuels.

Some satisfactory efforts but then there was quite a few who failed to perform somewhere near the standard that got them there. (Remember the shot putters on day one? :confused: )

I wouldn’t include Tamsyn Lewis in the mix of great performances. She didnt perform to expectations when it mattered, as Tamsyn would no doubt admit herself.

The 4 x 4 team should have done better, four of the squad were not up to best form.

I’m not sure the AOC would be that thrilled with the overall performance of the track & field team.

Lewis did as much as she could do I think. Doing the 400 didn’t help her one bit, but she would of needed a 1 sec PB to qualify for final in 800m

The 4 x 4 men, disappointing but run 3.00.2 - splits where something like 44.4, 45.5, 44.? and 44.? They mentioned it was the 2nd quickest tiem by an Aussie team ever and with Steffenson struggling I thought it was okay.

I am not sure what happened to the shot putters.

I am sure the AOC would only won’t swimming in the Olympics for a preu medals point of view.

I think the T&F could of done better, but the results are a pass mark.

1059 WROE Sean 46.07 (8)
1054 STEFFENSEN John 45.26 (8) 1:31.33 (8)
1043 HILL Clinton 44.41 (4) 2:15.74 (8)
1049 MILBURN Joel 44.28 (5)

A very disappointing split for Wroe and Steffenen’s was probably about where his form was at.

I can only assume Wroe was fairly fatigued from his heat and semi final race- a pb in the heats(?). He didn’t run the heat of the relay either. Their time was still faster than the heat and on par with their silver in Athens.

One can only think that with a fully fit Steffensen and a fresh Wroe they could easily make a National record.

I meant 4 of the 6 of course!

Yeah KC, had the lads all been in or near best shape they would have smashed the Australian record which has stood for far too long (since 1984) given the quality of 400m runners we have had in recent years.

So while it’s the 2nd best time ever it doesn’t truly reflect the potential of the squad. So whilst not catastophic, it is a little disappointing we didn’t see them at their best.

Augurs well for the next few years though, the talent is there and with the likes of Dylan Grant & Kurt Mulcahy to push for spots we should see the record fall sometime in the near future.