Auburn summer training


Better then most football programs in this country.

Those slider leg bridges to eccentric extension are deceptively tough.

that’s an incredible amount of variety!

I really enjoyed watching this RB34. It’s awesome watching these guys work so hard and I especially love the contrast of watching football players ( american football players opposed to footballers aka soccer players) vs track people train. My primary experience is watching the track people most of the my life at all levels.
Video is deceptive but in a totally believable way. On one hand it’s real but on another it’s staged. I never had anyone filming my repeat 300’s or repeat anything but with certain sports more eyes on you are a reality.
My only other comment with regards to football players is I wish regeneration for them. I think the sport really beats guys up and it makes me angry. Charlie poured his life into making sure his athletes could walk away from training so they could walk their entire life. I am not saying coaches don’t care in football but more is better I think.
I remember Charlie and I talking about football. One of the comments by him from Dick Vermeil was it was virtually impossible for players to avoid over training completely due to the enormous physical requirements of running patterns and learning plays.
ALL THE MORE REASON WHY self therapy of all sorts or going outside of the team to get therapy is ESSENTIAL.
Not only can a player add years onto their lucrative contracts they can hope to be well and healthy and around post athletic career.

Enough ranting.
Watching this video was pretty cool. Thanks for that.


Great staff… Go tigers…