attn.CLEMSON or swimmers..

CLEMSON, or any other peole who have knowlege on swimming… i am doin a paper on wheather to keep fingers open or closed while in stroke… do u have any links to articles on this topic or someting that can be of use to me… thanx…

huh.???.. lol

when i was still racing tris, we were taught (and im sure clem is better to talk to about this) to keep the fingers loose and let water gently flow through. not open all the way by any means, i had mine about 1/2 inch apart.

however, i remember watching a video of aleksandr popov and he would have his fingers open at the beginning of the stroke and slowly close them as he pulled through. my coach observed it and said it was a very advanced technique and i should focus on staying afloat first.

fingers should be pointing down and should be relaxed .
as for been apart or open
fingers can be slightly apart 2 or 3 mm
this can create connectic energy
if finger are open too much they create
turblence ( not ideal for fast swimming)

as for POPOV don’t look at his entry look at at his pulling pattern and his stroke count. fingers open is not ideal.

a great book to view is
he has also just written a new book titled
SWIMMING FASTEST which would be very helpful:D