attatchment quota

Whats with the attatchment quota - even though I remove old attatchments I cant seem to post new ones.


what exactly are you doing and what (if any) is the error message you get.



The error message says the following:
“Sorry, your attachment could not be accepted because your attachment quota would be exceeded by 2743047 bytes. If you wish to post this attachment, you will need to delete some of your older attachments.”
The attachment is just a tiny jpg.

Hi Thor, Members

This error means you were over quota by 2.6160 mb’s (a very large jpeg). Be sure to check the properties of your attachments because we currently accept 150k per attachment (up from 50k). Please note we only support the following formats at this time (doc,jpg,jpeg,gif). If you wish to upload motion video (in any format) please contact Jimson and request a contributor membership.

Keeping attachments lean also keeps our system running optimally at all times. Be sure to upload USEFUL content that is meaningful to the community/thread you are on.

A nice attachment example

So what you are saying is that this restriction on the total amount of space each members attachments can occupy has taken retroactive effect ,and include the old mpgs and animated gifs on threads of old? Let me know if those old attatchments were better removed - as the threads are long dead and surve no purpose in animating this community anymore.
(The jpg in question were only 44kb by the way.)

Yes Thor, thats exactly what i’m saying.