I cant seem to post an attachment. I keep trying to attach a jpg with one of my posts but when i preview it nothing shows.
What could be the matter?

This appears to work fine. Be sure to have the photos you want on your desktop (or anywhere you’ll remember having them). When posting a message, just attach it and post.



It just didnt show when pressing the preview button ,but did when pressing post reply.
Thanks Rupert.

…its a picture of me …nude
…very interesting…


Nude pictures are the fastest way to upset the good day I’m having :slight_smile:

As for attachments, what size is the file you’re trying to attach?



The file is an ordinary JPG taking 12.5 kb.

i’m linking to the harddrive in the upload-field. Is that all there is to it?
I have disabled the firewall and internet security ,and surf by ADSL using Windows XP.
Thank you.

Hi Thor,

Be sure the file you’re uploading has a .jpg extension.

Can you email a copy of this file to me please at

I’ll test it out for you.