ATP Supplementation

Question, and to get other view points I would like to see what everyone here thinks. Personally, food is the best resouce available, and many supplements are designed to separate you from your money. Not to mention the fact that the regulations are pretty lax on such said items. However, I recently read an article on a study on ATP supplementation that caught my eye. In a blind study with a 1rm they increased the non-placebo group by 40% by supplementing with 400m of ATP supplement 30 min prior to workout. Let me know if I can post the link. I’m not affiliated with the site, but would like to get some feedback. As RB32 said in a different post, there’s a lot of hogwash out there, and therefore I do my best to consider only science based articles.

Post it and if it’s advertising I will take it down.

40 percent? Really? Christmas is coming so maybe that is why the ‘study’ performed so well. LOL.

What exercise was used in the 1rep max exercise? and who did the study? Don’t tell me. The supplement company is behind the ‘evidence’ based study.

At the highest level of performance which by the way is not posing at the gym, getting laid or cross fit competiions ( yes, I am calling out a few of my biases ) things like iv drips have been used for decades.

Most studies are paid for by the supplement companies manufacturing the supplements just as drug companies finance bull crap studies that are not double blind studies. Real studies take years and years and millions of dollars and huge cross sections of people.

If you want to find supplements that work? Look at what the top professional athletes are doing to see what works.

Are you serious about looking at what top professional athletes are doing?

Agreed. And is the measured activity supposedly improved actially relevant to sprinting (1RM ?). Are the training ages of the athletes relevant to your your circumstances - almost anything improves the unfit.

If something is really good everyone would know about and would be using it.

I note the absence of any background or training details from the original poster. Maybe just a disguised advertiser.

400 mg ATP Supplementation Acutely Ergogenic - Gymrats’ Max. Leg Workout Volume/Rep Number Increases by 24%

[QUOTE=Fast Is;258173]400 mg ATP Supplementation Acutely Ergogenic - Gymrats’ Max. Leg Workout Volume/Rep Number Increases by 24%

The study does not appear very conclusive. The activity is not specific to sprinting, the subjects are recreationally resistance trained.

My overall feeling on these types of peripheral/marginal gain studies are they are like saying you can make your car go faster by emptying the ashtray - there is a small mathematical correlation but 500 more important things you can do with training, nutrition, hydration and rest.
Are you following a solid plan on the above, have you asked for advice on them, have you looked at the products on this site, all the things that will give you major gains with hard earned money.

I’m so bored by stupid shit about training performance.

And if I am bored I am wondering why you might think posting a ‘study’ might be a good idea?

Thought is good really it is but I have not seen much thought about training or performance in a long while as most everyone has their head shoved so far up their you know where it’s difficult to see truth.


As usual Oldbloke you provide a voice of reason and summary that I find refreshing.

Not many want to accept facts of training and nutrition and rest as major gains outside of gimmicks or studies sponsored by either the drug or supplement companies.