Atletiek's Heptathlon Journal 2007/2008

Atletiek’s Heptathlon Journal 2007/2008

Season setup

Jun 2007 - Aug 2007 GPP1
Aug 2007 - Okt 2007 SPP2
Okt 2007 CP1
Nov 2007 - Jan 2007 GPP2
Jan 2008 - Mar 2008 SPP2
Mar 2008 CP2

Name: Nicola
Age: 17
PB’s 2007: 100mH - 17.1s
PB’s 2007: HJ - 1.45m
PB’s 2007: SP - 10.03m
PB’s 2007: 200m - 27.2
PB’s 2007: LJ - 5.02
PB’s 2007: JT - 39.70m
PB’s 2007: 800m - 2:45.0

How long have you been training her?
My daughter is 10 and she does the triathalon.

200-33 sec

Other events:

800m 3:10
55mh 11sec HT

My 9 year old does the LJ 9ft.

I like the multis for youngsters It keeps them interested.

If you have some time can you post your GPP? for the multi?


I’ve been training her for 1 and a half seasons, I started her on the heptathlon as she was really weak and could not neven make the school team in a individual even. She really bought into the multi’s and ended last season in the nr.4 ranking in the country.

It is the greatest way do develop athletes, especially girls. It however takes a special kind of athlete who is willing to work twice as hard to reach the top. I’m lucky, I have one here.

I can’t post my GPP here as a lot of it is from Charlie’s GPP Essentials. The main thing is to figure out what the weak/strong events are and shift the focus to the weak ones. In my case Nicola is very weak at the running events. The focus of the GPP was speed developement, and that is why I followed Charlie’s GGP Essentials. She has her first championships next week and we will see how much the time has dropped, in training it is down by 1 sec in both the 200 and hurdles.

In the GPP I don’t do any event specific work, it takes the kids a bit of getting use to, as they just want to jump into the events. We did loads of speed work, tempos, hypertrophy and power developement and plyometrics. For most of my athlete the GPP was 3 months and then SPP for 8 weeks, but remember that less experienced athletes need a longer GPP.

With young kids in the GPP I’d work on developing only three things:

  • functional strenght (core stability and strenght through isometrics and med balls)
  • balistics (through plyometrics, but only jumping up, never down from things)
  • speed (multi events are speed-power events and is the most important element to work on)

I’ll start posting my CP1 and GPP2 here soon.

My approach for kids is even simper. 3hrs a week of actual track training.

Med balls
accel work
Fast Easy Fast runs
Technique for the jumps or hurdles

I keep the sessions short. The kids dont have the strength/hormone to keep up the work intensity levels up for over an hour. The best secret weapon is basic/beginner is basic gymnastics traing for girls. It does wonders for them.