atlanta 96

im trying to find atlanta 96 100m results for heats onwards…im having no luck finding them…anyone help ?

I’ve got the T&FN issue from Atlanta that lists all the heats and rounds. What do you specificially need to know?

wanted times and placings for a mauritius athlete 1st name romi or rudi something like that

I’ve gotta get to class but later this afternoon I’ll dig it up for you.

cheers…i tried for an hour yesterday and gave up

Damn, my bad…they only give like the top 4 for some of the heats/rounds…but I think there’s a site somewhere with comprehensive Atlanta results, I’ll see if I can find it.

i still cant find jack $hit either

anyone have files of michael johnson’s WR 200m and 400m??

You can find MJ’s 200M WR here-