athlete's diet-under review

here it is.
putting it down (partly inspired by RL’s high octane fueling-thanks clemson) and because soon my training schedule will be changing. right now i typically train after meal 1, but will soon be in afternoon training, so finding that right balance of GI and II choices needs to be re-evaluted for the sake of optimum response …

meal 1
-8 eggwhites, 1 whole omega 3 egg
-smoothie of 1small bowl of mixed berries (strawberries,
blackberries,blueberries, rasberries,1/2 cup of oats, 1tablespoon
of raw honey, 1 bannana)


post workout drink
- 80g- 100g of dextrose
50g of whey isolate
10g of creatine
5g of glutamine

meal 2
- 10 ounce of chicken breast
- 1-1.5 cups of basmati rice
- 1 cup of mixed veg

meal 3
- 1.5 cups of ff cottage cheese
- 5 fish caps

meal 4

  • 10 ounce of salmon fillet or 8 ounce lean steak
  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • 1 medium size bowl of broccoli

before bed pro shake
- 50 grams of mix (whey, calcium cass, milk isolate)
- tablespoon of flax oil

first off, alot of protein, i know, but im a big boy (240lbs), im a football’er
changes will be i now have coconut oil and brown basmati rice to add to my arsenal. im basically looking at a structure change, i think i have most of the basics (food choices and slight grasp on meal combo’s) understood.
thanks guys, appriciate the input

Research has shown that flaxseed oil is assimilated far better when combined with sulfur based protein such as yoghurt or cottage cheese.

sorry i should have mentioned that sometimes i substitute my before bed meal with cottage cheese- your right…
keep the feedback coming guys

give me some time to do the macro and micro breakdown…

clemson, you da man…waiting patiently for your feedback, and others