athlete's 7 week FB journal

alright back again after some unplanned football related things,
next seven weeks will be your 3-1-3 with more emphasis on improving lifts. im flirting with some training things im new in working with (ex some west side bench-in that im doing a high strength day and a dynamic day), and also ems.
also ive been away from training full time (6 days) although still very active.
so here it is and ill fill in more details as i go

Mon 12-1
Hang Cleans 3x5 @185
reverse hypers 1x10 at bodyweight, 2x10 +15lbs
Bench Press (heavy day)- 225x3, 245x1, 275x1, 295x1, 305x1
Lying tricep ext. 7x8 @70+bar
reverse grip overhead press 3x15

Box jumps 1x5, 2x10
Ladder drills
box foot taps 3different drills x2@15sec.

Tuesday 12-2

tempo runs 1x5, 1x3
tri-set of swiss ball crunch and russian twists w/medball

-i got some unexpected hours at work so the rest of the week will be off unfortunately…

Friday 12-5
flying 20’s x4

squats 1x5@405, 1x2@405
bench press (speed) - 8x3 @155lbs (1min rest)
dumbell bench press - 4x10,10,8,8 @80lbs

i tried to fuse a typical wed with a fri workout to make up for the lost training days. hopefully next week ill be back on track…(no pun intended). im gona move on with my rep progression (since I hit the squats and the cleans) to the prescribed 2nd week reps and sets

12-6 sat

tempo runs 1x5, 1x2

bicep curls

-gonna start the second week of my 7 seven week cycle on monday, although the first week was not what i had planned, but i dont think there will be a problem with going ahead with it…

12-8 monday

ok, hopefully on track now…

hang clean 5x3 185, 205,205,205,205
glute ham raise 3x10+15lbs
bench press 135x5,185x5,225x3,245x1,275x1,295x1
dumbell overhead ext. 7x8 @55,75-
close grip row 4x10
reverse grip overhead press 3x15

ladder drills
one leg box jumps 3x3(each leg)
box tap drills 6x15sec.

standard protocol of 10secx10 reps with 50sec rest on quads, hams, glutes, abs, back, and feet

12-9 Tuesday

tempo runs 1x5, 1x3

hanging leg raises 3sets
russian twists (superset) w/ swiss ball crunches 3sets

-legs are drained from ems last night…

12-10 wed

10’s x4

standing triple jump x2
skipping for distance x1

squats 225x3, 315x3, 365x3, 3x3@405
step ups 8x5 (light, fast and 1min rest)
shrugs 3x8
pulldowns 3x10
hammer curls 3x6

- ems (same protocol)

12-11 thurs

tempo runs

cable crunches 4x15

athlete, how old are you? Height/weight? What level of football are you currently training for? Position?

i am 6’ 240lbs FB/LB. i am in training for upcoming the arena football season, but also have two years of eligibility remaining at the ncaa division 2 level ( i have used all my eligibility at Division 1). i will most likely use my remaining eliligibility at D2, get better, and wait and go pro in 2 years…
i think my training journal from march 03-aug 03 is available in the archives if anyone would like to get an idea of my training of this past year…

12-12 sat

tempo runs 1x7

snatch grip pulls 3x3 @275, 315,315
RDL’s 2x10 @185
bench press 8x3 @165 (1 min rest)
incline dumbell3x5 @95’s, 100’s
lateral rows 4x10 @35’s
bent over rows 3x8@30’s

ems in evening
-did tempo instead of speed work cause i was pretty burnt out

12-15 mon

flying 20’s x4
skipping for height 2x 6 contacts
cleans/hang clean 3x2 @225
bench press up to 295x1
lying tricep ext 7x8
barbell rows 4x10
dumbell arnold press 3x12


12-16 tues

tempo runs 2x3

cable crunches
leg raises

12-17 wed

starts 10’s x4
20 x3

alt. leg bounds 3x6contacts

front squat 3x3 @275
leg curls 3x8-10
seated calf raise 3sets
dumbell shrugs 3x15,12,10
dumbell curls 3x5
reverse curl 3sets


12-18 thurs

tempo runs 2x3

-russian twists
- swiss ball crunches

12-20 sat

starts 10’s x4
flying 10’s x2

skips for height 3x6 contacts

hang snatch 3x3 @155lbs
bench press 8x3 @175
dumbell press 4x8
lat pulldown 4x10
lateral raise 4x10

12-22 monday

flying 10’s x4

squats 405x2, 2x2@435
rdl’s 1x10, 2x6
calf raises 3x10
shrugs 3x10

12-23 tues

tempo runs 1x6

hanging leg raises 4x12
cable crunches 3x10

barbell curls 4 sets
cable hammer curls 3 sets

12-27 sat

starts 10yrds x4
20 x3
alt leg bounds 1x6 contacts

hang cleans 3x5 @185
bench up to 305x1
cable pressdown 7x8
machine row 4x10
arnold dumbell press 3x15