athens action/highlights

athens highlights:

video at the bottom right hand of the screen

This atkins is great at stepping-over the opposite knee in a very smooth fashion, similar to that of asafa in 05 before he was injured. It looks pretty deadly. I’m wondering if this smooth heel recovery has something to do with where he and asafa begin to dorsiflex in their recovery as opposed to where T.Gay, M.Greene, or B.Johnson began to dorsiflex in their recovery. Or, perhaps it’s all about the natural mind-blowing relaxation these cats demonstrate.

On another note the upperbody-arms,head,facial features of Atkins remind me of Ghanian Sub 10 Sprinter Aziz Zakari. Even right down to the Arm-Swing. Then their is the smooth heel recovery in the lower legs similar to that of Powell. Kinda like a sub10 clone using DNA of upperbody-Zakari and lowerbody-Powell combined LOL.