ATHENS -10June04- Kenteris 10.18/Thanou 11.21

ATHENS, June 10 (AFP) - Olympic men’s 200m champion Kostandinos Kenteris and women’s 100m silver medallist Ekaterini Thanou got their first taste of action on the new track to be used for this summer’s Athens Games on Thursday.
Taking part in the Greek national championships,Kenteris won the 100m in 10.18 while Thanou also celebrated victory but was disappointed with her time of 11.21 after only agreeing to take part at the last moment.
Thanou is battling back from an adductors injury suffered in November.
It isn't completely healed but I don't think it will affect my performance at the Olympics,'' said Thanou,who hadn't competed since finishing in fifth place atthe world championships in Paris last year although shewas later promoted to fourth spot after the suspensionof American winner Kelli White. Kenteris said he was happy enough with his firstouting of the season. I was a little tired because of the intensivetraining I have done for the last five months,’’ hesaid.
Kenteris was running for the first time in a yearhaving skipped the world championships because ofinjury.
Anything is possible at the Olympics if I am healthybut there will be a lot of pressure,'' he said. Both runners described the Olympic stadium track asthe best’’ since Sydney where they won their medals atthe last Games in 2000.