The last couple of days I´ve been feeling a kind of annoying pain in the lower region of the achilles just above the calcaneus bone. It happend while playing badminton as warm up…
I´m just wondering if eccentric work for the calf is the right way?
I have had som major problems with patellar tendonitis and I gor rid of it with HEAVY eccentric work, is it safe to do the same on the achilles or is it a greater risk of tearing it even more?

There are some discussions about treatment in the archives but the main thing is to start with massage therapy for the calves. If the calves are tight, the achilles is put under stress.

Ironic your in Sweden, the eccentric studies was first done there. I wouldn’t start the eccentric work until the acute swelling has gone down.

Heavy eccentric work is appropriate after progressively introducing lower loads. The volume of eccentric calf raises is more important then heavy work.