Asafa's Commercial

better than nothing

Thanks - is the public supposed to believe he ran 9.94 for 100m on a soccer field in new shoes in the middle of the night? :slight_smile: Kind of cute though.

That was kind of cool. But I hate how Asafa is made to look like Drogba’s test dummy. Argh!

The man risks injury to get some guy to tell Drogba the boots are “worthy” of his (Drogba’s) feet! Argh again!

Oh well at least us track and field athletes aren’t a bunch of arrogant wankers or prima donnas.

Or maybe I’m just reading too much into the ad. Haha. ;).

Ehhh… I didn’t like that, too fake.
“better than nothing” covers me for now…

Asafa’s still my favorite though :wink:

You guys live in the US??
Is this televised?

This commercial is pretty good.

I don’t know. I’ve never seen it. Maybe it is though because they have to write Asafa’s name, write that he’s the world’s fastest man, and also subtitle the things he says.

its an ad, i think some ya’ll are reading to much into it.(jumper), and he’s not gonna get hurt doing an ad, just striding down a straight.

I agree I thought it was fine, I mean come on it’s an advertisement :rolleyes:

I doubt many in the US would even know who Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo are…oh they play soccer, are they related to David Beckham? :stuck_out_tongue:

I take ads seriously! (although I hardly watch them… but anyway :rolleyes: )

They’re a form of art afterall…
Very allied with criticism :o

Did he just jog a 80 yard 9.94? (Tell them there fast) lol

it’s 19,94. note that there is a guy infront of the lcd where the 1 should b.:wink:

It’s funny if you read some of the comments underneath that commercial :rolleyes: people commenting on how fast he ran that 100 :o Ha!