Asafa Powell will win the 100m

Did you see him let up after about 30 metres and still clock under 10 seconds? That was amazing! He pretty much let Greene win the race and embarrassed him at the same time.

YEOW! That was some incredible running all round- lightning fast track + hot weather + still wind = WR
Look at all the SBs and PBs so far!

On a related note - anyone see Warnier’s run? It was disgusting… Perfect start 250-350 split FASTER than 150-250 think about that for a second, lets up the last 20m and pulls an easy 45.58

Asafa looked awesome!!! The guy switched off at 50/60m looking at Mo!! The arms actually stopped pumping, he switched off and then for fun started pumping again…9.99??? Off the chain!!! As for Crawford!!!9.89 in a 1/4 final??? I’ve been telling the world about this cat! Its a WR on Sunday!!! I want a track like this in London!!! Mondo is the way forward!!!


I hope I get to see some of these races tonight in the highlights. Excellent times, under these same conditions it seems the WR falls tomorrow.

Asafa - (damn!)

Dare I say, “9.69” ???

Anybody see Greene’s reaction time? .117

The question is will all of this fast round running result in injury? And what is up with the start times?

Yeah, it makes up for half his “winning” margin to Powell in the quarters … he’s going to get his hindy kicked tomorrow unless he runs his promised “perfect race”.

And how about the big man… OBIKWELU! Sick how he shut it down at 80m and still ran 9.93 as well! He could shock people! He sure as heck shocked me! Oh BABY!

Powell looks awesome! I think it’s between him and Obikwelu.

I think Crawford and some of the other americans are working to hard in the early heats.

if the conditions are right we’ll at least see an olympic record.

All I know is assuming that thses guys all make the finals that it is going to be an amazing finals. I’m predicting only .2-.3 separting 1st to 3rd. Crawford then Powell then MO

you must mean 0.02-0.03…cause whoever wins (Powell… :cool: ) will most likely go around 9.7x…i’m sure second and third will both be between 9.7x and 9.8x respectively…you can fill in the x’s (please use numbers from 2 to 7 only… :stuck_out_tongue: ) but the outcome will most likely be the same…

blazing fast track…blazing hot sun…all the requirements for a blazing fast final…



Somehow I have the feeling the final will be spectacular except when it comes to the winning time of 9.85! ) 9.85 is of course spectacular but not in accordance to expectations from the public and the athletes themselves.

We all saw how easy Powell and Obi run 9.9x … BUT … the question is: WILL they now try to do something MORE than they can? More in this regard also means more time spent on the track.

Then again … Powell looked great and RELAXED!

Crawford and Asafa seem very relaxed - but did you see Mo’s face? Looked somehow angry, nervous, I don’t know, but not how he used to look.
I still would not write him off.
He knows the game, he’s in it for so long. Asafa and Shawn? I do not know - sometimes you run faster when you have fun, run relaxed - if they try to give everything in the final they might end up running slower…just like lorien wrote:

[QUOTE=lorien]WILL they now try to do something MORE than they can? QUOTE]

And don’t write off Obikwelu, he was the biggest surprise to me - medal possible!

1 USA GATLIN Justin 9.85
2 POR OBIKWELU Francis 9.86
3 USA GREENE Maurice 9.87
4 USA CRAWFORD Shawn 9.89
5 JAM POWELL Asafa 9.94
6 SKN COLLINS Kim 10.00
7 BAR THOMPSON Obadele 10.10

Wow, did not see that coming.

WOW is right…the gatlin gun does it for the second time this year…

well Crawford and Powell looks like they were carrying monkeys at about 60m and Obikwelu looked fine and relaxed…prolly could not have asked for a better race…


Excellent win for Gatlin, you got to give props to the only man that played the game perfectly. Stayed low profile, ran just fast enough through the rounds, then smashed through all his nervous opponents. Hell of a run for Obikwelu too, it’s scary to think what he’ll do in 200 with this lowering of his 100m. PB (19.6x!?!?). Mo once again performed to his best when it counted, but he just couldn’t get his start down this year, I think this bronze takes him higher on the great champions list, rather then lower and a failure as all the media portrays it. As for Powell, great things lie in the future for him, this just wasn’t his time yet!

Here are the times for the finalists in the 100m:

GATLIN 10.07 9.96 10.09 9.85

OBIKWELU 10.09 9.93 9.97 9.86

GREENE 10.18 9.93 9.97 9.87

CRAWFORD 10.02 9.89 10.07 9.89

POWELL 10.06 9.99 9.95 9.94

COLLINS 10.11 10.05 10.02 10.00

THOMPSON 10.08 10.12 10.22 10.10

ZAKARI 10.19 10.02 10.11 DNF