Asafa Powell in preparation for Beijing

I watched a couple of footeges on youtube of Asafa Powell’s starts and I do not think he looks good to me…

Here a couple of starts with Nickel ASHMEADE.

His start has been poor all season compared to normal, so it’s hard for me to form an opinion based on these. I don’t like his block setup - don’t think he still has the power to be in that position.

Can’t be good psychologically to be losing a series of practice starts against an athlete he should be beating out of the blocks just before world champs. Not sure how wise it is to schedule this session at this point in time, especially with someone like Asafa who is known to underperform on the big stage anyway.

Great videos Pavel

My bet is that he is just in cruise mode while Nickel is probably dropping the hammer. If you look in slow mo you can see that Asafa isn’t getting complete extension on some early contacts, unlike the way he does in comp and other training videos, so I think this is more evidence that he’s not really pushing it. He looks relaxed as usual and I think he has looked really good in more than one race this year.

As for the block set up, I wouldn’t count it out as his positions look great coming out of it and we don’t know the effort he is giving in these videos.

No doubt he’s failed to shine in more than one main event; however, I’m always rooting for him.

guess, are yall really forming opinions based on practice videos?

I’m not Chris6878.I think he’s shown glimpses of some of his great form this year in Jamaica 9.84, Paris 9.81, Luzern 9.87 so I’ll choose to be cautiously optimistic for him this Sunday.

Good observations re: starts & positions James.

I’m in the same boat and feel good about how he’s looked this season compared to recent years.

Could just be a matter of jet lag.

honestly his set-up from that angle is difficult to see but seems fine to me. we will see very very soon he has