Asafa out with knee tendinitis


Jamaica’s world 100-metre record holder Asafa Powell has pulled out of upcoming meetings because of tendinitis in his knee, his manager said on Saturday.

Powell was scheduled to run at next weekend’s Penn Relays in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and at the Jamaica International Invitational Meet on May 5. In Kingston he was to have run his first individual 100 metre race this year.

However, Powell’s manager Paul Doyle said his athlete is not 100% and therefore they will not rush him into action.

Doyle also said the minor injury was the same one that prompted Powell to withdraw from the Mt Sac Relays in California last weekend.

Powell had made the trip to Walnut, east of Los Angeles, but decided it was too windy and chilly to risk aggravating the knee.

“It’s the same injury, but it’s not too serious,” Doyle said.

“We don’t want him to race at full speed if he is not 100%.”

Powell has said his main focus will be on the World Championships in Osaka this summer, and he would race a light schedule leading up to the year’s main competition.

Although the Jamaica International Invitational is two weeks away, Doyle said, “There is a big possibility that he will miss that as well”.

Doyle said Powell “is still training, but we are just going play it day by day. We just want to play it safe”.

Powell won’t run World Champs.

Tendinitis is a bad one, no matter how much you try and care for it. I will be surprised if he is there come Osaka

Don’t read so much into a statement. The diagnosis is unknown to us so far. As an example, Ben pulled the semi-tendinosis muscle in 1988 and the rocket scientists at the Canadian Federation put out a statement that he’d pulled a tendon!

this does seem a bit like spin to cover missing mt sac and penn.

some sources did claim he missed a number of practices and that his coach was upset but there was no mention of injury at that time

…and Asafa is not the only one missing races. Mo Green has pulled out of his next race courtesy of a dentist operatiion, and is determined to be in Japan later this year.

I’ll be missing in ALL the grand-prix events, so they better watch out! haha

[Translation of the L’Equipe feature on visiting Powell in Jamaica last week. Now all I need is a translation of the translation] :slight_smile:

MVP, from now on a reference MVP (MAXIMIZING VELOCITY AND POWER: to maximize speed and the power) was founded in 1999 to make it possible to the athletes to continue their sporting career after the college, while remaining in Jamaica.

The hurdleuse Brigitte Foster, disappointed by her experiment in the American universities, formed part of the first three athletes to be involved under the crook of Stephen Francis, ex-launcher of disc, up to that point consulting in management and coach in a college of Kingston.

It remembers this difficult time: "the members of the Federation and the others coaches said to me that that would cost million dollars to keep athletes in Jamaica… I answered them: “For saying that it is impossible, it is at least necessary to start”! "Eight years later, the MVP became a reference and occupies from now on of sixty athletes whose several foreigners, thanks to three coaches assistants whose Paul, the brother of Stephen, and with the financial assistance several sponsors.

Among the recruits of mark of this season, the Trinidadian Darrel Brown, champion of the mondejunior of the 100men 2002 and money medal-holder at the distance with World of Paris-Saint-Denis, in 2003.

So that the success of the group is total, will one have day to accomodate American athletes?
Nothing is less sure: "It is not very probable, estimates Stephen Francis, even if I received requests. I think that except perhaps for Tyson Gay no other American athlete could adapt… "Even if he does not say it openly, he does not want either which the shade of doping starts to plane on a group where no positive case was listed up to now.

KINGSTON. - At 6 a.m., heat strikes already the stage of Kingston. Asafa Powell (on the right) prepares her season 2007 out of 100 m. With the program this day, one 400 m, one 350 m, one 300 met one 200 m, in turn à.fond then in reserve. (Photograph Jean-Marc Pochat)

KINGSTON - (JAM) of the our sent special MISSION however DID NOT SEEM very complicated… To observe Asafa Powell undergoing training in her island, there are indeed only two addresses to supervise.

The grass track of U-Tech, the university where triple recordman is informed of the world of the 100 m (9’ ’ 77), and, fifteen minutes of taxi later, two synthetic tracks of the national stage of Kingston.

Tuesday March 27, the meeting of the afternoon is announced at 3 p.m., behind this large concrete arena, on the stage of heating and under the indifferent?il of a herd of goats which act as mowers.

The athletes of the MVP, the group of Powell, coachés by Stephen Francis (see in addition), arrive by small bunches. Sherone Simpson, fastest of the world in 2006 (10’ ’ 82), déboule good last, without very receiving a reprimand.

No trace of “Afasta”. “It is supposed to come, but…”, notes Francis mollement, without any trace of concern or irritation. The drive of the next morning is envisaged at the same place, at 5 a.m. 30, before the rising of the sun.

But not of Powell, and not of group!

All this beautiful world was driven back with the entry of the national stage, for lack of accreditation.

It is the first day of the “Servant boys and Girls Championships”, the famous Championships high-school pupils of athletics.

And, recordman of the world or not, the guards do not deliver any preferential treatment. This matinlà, the coach had once again to improvise.

Musculation for everyone. The least not pressed. Appointment is taken for the next morning, 6 hours, in U-Tech.

The rain accompanies the sun which emerges behind green mountains. Jamaica does not escape from the climatic disordered states. The downpours and the storms, which strike usually the island during the winter, are connected in this tropical spring. Obviously complicating the task of all those which are involved on lawns…

The track is impracticable. Always on the spot the first, Brigitte Foster, bronze money medal-holder then on 100 m hedges with the last two Championships of the world, plague: "I do not know where they are! I could still be in my bed… "about thirty athletes end up pointing.

But still not of Powell, who obviously offered himself a fatty morning. The meeting is announced surrealist.

Single shelter because of the rain, the auditorium is invaded by stands intended for a fair with tourism which will take place in the course of the day.

The group of Francis thus piles up on around fifty of square meters. Carry out some right mini-lines under the courtyard. A meeting of medicine ball on the estrade.

There are not enough of these grosses and heavy balls for everyone, then each one awaits its turn "an American company sent to us material, medicine balls, starting blocks, hedges, but all has been blocked in customs for two months on the port of Kingston, sighs Stephen Francis.

It is that, Jamaica!.. Perhaps that one will receive them at the end of the season… “Not very assiduous to the drive this week, Powell does not miss on the other hand any final by the” Servant boys and Girls "who are held during four days.

It finally is found, in the platforms, at the side of his girl friend, jumping in length which had to choose between the group and its feelings for the fastest man of the world.

Francis does not joke with that. No relations between its athletes.

It is not thus involved more with the MVP.

Onengage conversation, on the ton of the joke: "are Asafa, you there? I believed that you were not in Jamaica… “” But I was not there and, moreover, I am still not there… “” C not disturb ", asséné with smiling but firmness behind of large black glasses.

Powell wants to remain incognito. No the photograph. Since its first record of the world, into June 2005, its life in the island changed considerably.

It put its family at the shelter of the need, was made build a villa on Beverly Hills, the hill which dominates the stage of Kingston, reserved field of the rich person singers of reggae, but he especially became the star number one of his country.

Confused sport and music "perception which people have of him radically changed, confirms Nigel, one of the elder brothers.

When it makes appearances in large companies, the heads of undertaking become nervous with the idea to approach it, they are impressed.

The Jamaicans carried it to the pinnacle. There are places where it cannot go any more…

Oualors, if it goes there, it it should carry glasses or a hat not to be recognized. When it runs here, that it gains a race, one claims to him full with autographs.

Asafa is a nice fellow, he does not like to say not, he wants to sign them all, but he learned that he could all the time show it… "Nothing with the frenzy which surrounds certain stars of the European foot: Powell is however still quite quiet on her island, a small country of 11 000 km² for 2,7 million inhabitants, a peucomme a great family where everyone knows itself.

Then, this afternoon, in “its” stage, it can be let go to applaud or joke with his comrades of drive.

No need for bodyguards to separate it from crowd. No need to request it to go, on several occasions, to give from the prices to the victorious high-school pupils, who look it with brilliant eyes of admiration.

But, each time that it is pronounced by the announcer, the name of “Powell” is followed of a long ovation.

The following day, the track of U-Tech is still wet.

As with lamess Sunday, Asafa unloads with the drive with a certain shift compared to the schedule envisaged.

It is at the wheel of a large red record player, been driven by an engine V 8, a specimen of its growing collection of cars.

His pal, Michael Frater, money medal-holder on 100 m with world of Helsinki in 2005, follower of the tuning, like much of Jamaicans, arrives him in an exuberant vehicle and with the pétaradant engine… Long shorts, white tee-shirt, Powell resemble more to one plagist than with a sprinter.

Normal, today it is “rest”, dixit the coach, large meeting of musculation in prospect!

The room of gym, which doesn’t make more than 25 m², is equipped with the poor exceeded apparatuses "Astonishing not? have fun Brigitte Foster, at the house, my room of personal musculation is larger than that one… "

It is thus here, this winter, than Powell, according to v?ux of her trainer, insisted a little more on her muscular reinforcement.

It is far from to have become a body-buildé sprinter, but its dorsal muscles obviously developed.

With great blows of cry, as soon as it produces an effort. Powell does not like to hurt himself.

Each exercise seems to cost him an enormous effort. _ from time to time, it take down a yawn “I want to turn over to bed, the muscu, it be too hard the morning”, groan it.

The prince of the 100m is in any case not the king of thelying one: "I do not like the musculation, even if it is necessary to make some to become stronger. With the drive or in competition, my field, it is the track! "

Will one see there, one day, before leaving his island?

One ends up despairing… The more so as by note that the drives start systematically with an hour of delay on the schedule envisaged, one ends up adopting the “Jamaican time”.

Coarse error! Saturday morning, at 6 a.m. 45, it has there already nobody any more on the national stage, the meeting express train, a small test speed, is already finished.

The week of drive of Powell is folded. Even if the usual diagram, without rain nor Championship high-school pupil, consists of two meetings per day plus a meeting saturdays “I involved itself very hard this winter, the man estimates with the sixteen consecutive victories out of 100 m in 2006, then, two or three days without running, it is not the very serious…”

following day midday, at the exit of the mass, where his/her parents, William and Cislin, both pastors, officiated in his native village of Orangefield, the prodigal son fears: “the meeting of tomorrow will be horrible…”

Monday April 2, 8 hours of the morning, heat weighs already on the organizations.

On the stage, several girls vomit. The effort was in short but of a total intensity. With the program, for all, one 400 m, one 350 m, a 300met one 200 m, in turn à.fond then in reserve.

On the 350m, Powell takes along the pack in good manners. And does not make pretence be delivered.

After each race, the athletes lie, emptied, as at the end of a decathlon "I never ran the 400 m in the great competitions. It is really not my trick, I am unable to manage that, that which acknowledges however established a new personal record at the distance, 47’ ’ 17, last February. It too much is suffering for me "

Before threading its points (without socks), Powell however did not really prepare with this violence.

It on the other hand took all its time - and much of words for a young man considered timid - in order to “remake the match” of the “Servant boys and Girls” with its comrades of drive.

Then, three small straight lines with weak pace and some briefs stretchings constituted its heating. Cool man! With the risk to be wounded?

At the time of the ultimate race, the 200 m, the new god of the sprint will crack.

It cuts its effort and stops as of the turn "Asafa, that passes itself-til? ", its bulky coach, camped on the finishing line howls to him

" Nothing… I am tired "a new week of drive has just started. But, to see it running finally one 100 m, it will be necessary to pass by again.


Maybe Pierre-Jean will do a real translation for us.

LOL…I was thinking the same…I gave up a quater of the page through!

I won’t be able to do an exact text translation, but this is a resumé :

The journalist went to Jamaïca to observe Powell at training, the mission seemed easy since there are only 2 adresses to check, located 15min away in taxi : U-Tech grass track and Kingston stadium’s two synthetic track.

On Tuesday 27 March, the workout was announced at 3 PM in Kingston. The MVP athletes arrive with some delay by small groups and Sherone Simpson is the latest to come, without any reproach by Coach Stephen Francis. Asafa would never come, Franno says he was supposed to come.

Wednesday 28 March, training was planned at 5:30 AM. Nobody came since the group wasn’t allowed to enter in the stadium : it was first day of “Boys and Girls Champs”. Franno had to change his plans and go to the weight room.

Thursday 29 March, 6 AM. Brigitte Foster is the only one on the track, she wonders where is the rest of the group. The remaining 30 athletes would come late, Asafa would not show up again. It’s raining and the grass track is occupied by some tourist meeting, so they have to do tempo under a hall and some medicine balls on stairs. Franno says that a Us company sent then some medicine ball, starting blocks, hurldes but everything is locked in Kingston’s port… Later that day, the journalist finds Asafa on the crowds during boys and girls champs. He doesn’t seem to be in good mood for an interview.

Friday 30 March, on the still wet U-Tech grass track, Asafa and Frater are very late at training. No worry because it’s “rest day” says Franno. Thi is actually a weight training workout in the 25m square gym with old machines. Brigitte says her personal weight room at home is bigger. Asafa’s back muscles are obviously well defined. Asafa shouts at any movemement he does. Bench Press is mentioned on the article. “I want to go back to bed, weigths are too ahrd in the morning. I don’t like weigths, even if it must be done to get stronger. At training or in competition, my area is track!” complains Asafa.

Saturday 31 March. Since workouts consistently start with 1 hour delay, the journalist chose to come late, but she was wrong as at 6:45 AM, the sprint test workout was already done…

The training week was over, the usual scheme, without rain and school Champs is 2 workouts a day and 1 workout on Saturday. “I trained very hard this winter, so 2 or 3 days without running is not a big deal” says Asafa.

Sunday 01 April rest.

Monday 2 April, 8 AM, warm weather, the “horrible” workout is 400m, 350m, 300m, 200m, i don’t understand if the article says if it is full speed and sub max speed on the same rep or full speed on 1 rep, sub max next rep…
Powell leads the field for the 350m, the athletes lay down after each rep, some go vomit. Asafa says that he will never run 400m in major competitions, not able to manage it, it’s too much pain for him. The journalist explains that Asafa barely warm-up (3 tempo track straights and few short stretches) and spent most of the time chatting about the Boys and Girls Champs. During the 200m (last rep of the workout), Asafa stops in the bend. Franno : “Asafa, what’s up?” Asafa :“nothing… i’m tired”

End of the article, there is a small one on the same page explaining history and organisation of MVP. The journalist asks if the group might include some US athletes, Franno replies “it’s unlikely, even if i had requests. I think no US athletes could adapt (to our system) except Tyson Gay”.

Thank you PJ, my question is “why only Tyson Gay?”

WOW!!! That is a very strange story… what is up with Asafa? Has he lost the passion?? Does he feel there is no real competition now that Gatlin is gone? And why is Tyson Gay the only US athlete Francis thinks could adapt to MVP’s system??? What is so special about Tyson and what is so special about MVP’s system that no other ‘US’ athlete would be able to adapt to??

Is this propaganda so everyone will think that Asafa will come out and run like shit?

This is not propaganda, this is an article published in April by the world’s number 1 sport newspaper. We thought it was interesting to discuss about it in order to put in perspective the recent news from Asafa about cancelling 3 competitions due to knee pain.

Regarding Tyson and MVP i don’t know.

i was under the impression (perhaps wrong) that tyson was on a Long to short program. And from what i have seen, the MVP guys are running along a L-S program also. Perhaps that is what he means, most guys do a S-L and changing to a L-S might be too much of a shock for most athletes??

Just a thought…

In general (not necessarily here) most sprint programs are L-to-S.

KINGSTON, May 6 AFP - Asafa Powell, the 100m world record-holder whose early season has been slowed by a sore knee, is training at full strength and will return to competition soon, his manager Paul Doyle says.
In the past three weeks, Powell has pulled out of the Mt Sac and Penn Relays, along with the Jamaica International Invitational on Saturday as he battled tendinitis in his right knee.
Jamaica’s Powell, who holds the 100m world record of 9.77 seconds, had to limit his training, but Doyle said the sprinter was now back to full strength.
This week he managed to do full speed starts and things felt really good, so he is definitely (feeling better),'' Doyle said on Saturday. The body has healed and he is ready to run, the only thing is that he missed three weeks of training and we are not sure when we are going to get him started.’’
The Prefontaine Classic, in Eugene, Oregon, on June 10 is one possibility, but Doyle said Powell could race sooner.
Powell’s plans to compete in the Golden League remain intact, Doyle said.
We are hoping to run in the Golden League and so, Oslo, Norway, is first,'' Doyle said of the June 15 Oslo meeting. He does have commitments to run in Eugene as well … and there are one or two that we are considering before then,’’ Doyle added.
``It very well could be (June 10), but we considering other options before that as well.’’